Mutant Intelligent Mice!

Now this is why I love neuroscience. In a recent weekly paper presentation, one of the groups in my class presented a paper called Genetic enhancement of learning and memory in mice. After altering a single gene in mice, the authors of the paper managed to improve their learning and memory significantly, by up to 30%. Super intelligent mice, indeed.

What really amused me was the blithe Powerpoint presentation that accompanied the paper. For example, one slide was:

  • This study supports Hebb’s model of synaptic coincidence detection.
  • Suggests that 10-100 Hz activity in the forebrain is important for learning and memory.
  • Creating intelligent GM animals (humans?)
  • Future work: other species

And people have to gall to say that scientists aren’t socially responsible!

(I can go into greater detail about the paper if people want, but I didn’t think it was necessary for this post).

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