Yet again, people are being confused by Kevin ‘Captain Cyborg’ Warwick’s work. Wired has just published an article about Tech Predictions for the Decade, and here’s a quote:

Other futuristic technology poised for human consumption is the implanted sensor. Gantz pointed out that University of Reading professor Kevin Warwick, who has a sensor implanted in his left arm, has undergone experiments in which scientists have been able to cause a tingling sensation in his left index finger by sending information to his nervous system. This is good news for paraplegics who may someday regain feeling in their legs by having a similar chip implanted in their bodies.

Where’s the media been for the last few decades? We’ve been able to do this for ages, and there are far better ways of going about it then putting a microship in your arm. You’d think that Wired would know about transcortical magnetic stimulation (TMS), which basically fires a magnetic pulse at the brain and can get people to move their limbs. Plus, the electrical stimulation of motor neurones is not exactly rocket science. If they want to know about this stuff, they should pay more attention to neuroscientists, not ‘cybernetics’ experts. Citing Kevin Warwick as the man to watch is doing the biology and neuroscience commuity a real disservice.

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