SimCity 4

I’m seriously considering buying SimCity 4 at the moment; all the reviews I’ve read have been fairly positive and it seems that with a bug patch the game should be very playable. Plus, I’ve always been a big fan of SimCity. The most interesting thing that I’ve read so far is that the best way to generate money is to build several different, interconnected cities that trade with each other (this is a new thing in SimCity 4). According to one Usenet post, the economy picked up like a mofo there after using this strategy.

Considering I can’t even remember what the last game I bought was, I think it’d be fun to get back into the modern world of games. But then there’s still Civilization 3 and its Play The World multiplayer pack to be bought (I shamefully got a pirated version of Civ3; I didn’t feel very impressed with myself when Civ3’s AI programmer bought a Mars map off me either). And there’s also the DVD sets for Futurama and Babylon 5 to be bought… bleh.

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