I’ve finally done something I’ve been meaning to do for months; set up a wiki. Or to be exact, three wikis. Wikis are webspaces in which any material can be edited or added by anyone; a bit like a community whiteboard with hyperlinking, if you will. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but after only three days, the Metafilter wiki is coming along quite nicely (and I didn’t even write everything on it!).

The New Mars wiki isn’t showing any real signs of life but I consider my Mars projects to be more long term than anything else, so I’m not bothered about the lack of activity there. Today, I set up an Immersive Fiction Gaming wiki.

I originally intended to use Twiki as the engine for all of my wikis, but after spending a fruitless hour trying to install it on Sunday, I decided that:

a) It wasn’t worth the effort.
b) It probably wasn’t even possible to install it anyway, given access rights and other technical issues.

So I used the UseMod engine instead, which proved to be a much more pleasant experience. Wikis aren’t perfect by any means, but they do offer interesting new possibilities on the creation of new ideas and content. I’m looking forward to seeing how these three wikis develop in their different ways.


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