Fun New Words

New words and terms I’ve heard at my lab:

Fiascotorial, adj.: combinations or permutations of fiasco-like situations. e.g., “And then the squirrel fell into the bowl! Just imagine the fiascotorial possibilites!”

Gene-jockey, n.: derogatory term for a geneticist or molecular biology. e.g., “Those gene-jockeys working on the squirrel genome project, they don’t understand that the real discoveries are to be made in neuroscience.”

Swiss Cheese psychology: derogatory term describing the deductive methods of some psychologists. e.g., “Here’s how psychologists work – they’ll take a squirrel, scoop out its temporal lobe of the brain and then they’ll say that the temporal lobe is responsible for eating nuts, because the squirrel doesn’t eat nuts any more. Typical Swiss Cheese psychologists – it’s the law of the holes.”

2 Replies to “Fun New Words”

  1. Well, they don’t really do it as much these days, but in the eyes of cellular neuroscientists at least, there’s a lot of wishy-washy science going on that correlates ‘activity’ to certain brain regions.

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