The soundtrack CD of Spirited Away I ordered from arrived today, and it’s wonderful. While I wouldn’t go so far as saying that I don’t like Disney songs – there are, after all, some great ones – would it really hurt them that much to make a film without a single song? If they have made such a film, I certainly haven’t seen it yet.

Spirited Away didn’t have any singalong songs, and I think it’s the better for it. It has a much grander range than any Disney film I’ve seen recently, and the classical style with a Japanese twist is perfect for the film. There are few cliches in the score, and there are several tracks which I’ll be certain to play to death soon enough.

Interesting factoid: Child actress Daveigh Chase has appeared in both Spirited Away and Donnie Darko, the two most recent films I’ve seen. Evidently she has a good agent.

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