In ten minutes, I’m going to be interviewed on a national Japanese radio station about First Words. It’s been a while since I was last interviewed on the radio (BBC World Service) and that time wasn’t live – this time I’ll be live on air, plus it won’t be from an English speaking country. I predict fun and foibles galore.

I’m a bit wary of live interviews – it’s too easy to completely lose it, start talking gibberish and making stuff up; you’d better hope you’re talking to a sympathetic DJ, or else you’re in for a humiliation. I’ve done my homework though – I have several web browsers open with all the information I might need and I have large quantities of water standing by. Hopefully it’ll all go well.

One Reply to “Talking”

  1. Well, it went very well! It was pretty short, at only five minutes, and the DJ was very friendly. I think a fair bit was lost on her though; I had to quote a few of the best entries from the competition, and unfortunately a lot of them involved Western knowledge. For example, the quote, “Houston, explain ‘reboot life support'” isn’t much good if you don’t know what Houston is supposed to do. D’oh – I should have thought of that beforehand.

    I got in a good plug for New Mars and talked about my future Mars plans. On the whole, quite a nice and friendly interview, and my first appearance in Japanese media (to my knowledge, at least)! Plus, they played my request, ‘Sex Bomb’ by Tom Jones after the interview. Not bad at all.

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