The trials and tribulations of a DDR player

Why, why, why didn’t I bring my Dance Dance Revolution game to Cambridge? I foolishly thought to myself, “Adrian, surely you can survive two months without DDR, given that you’ve had your fix this summer?” and so my PSone, DDR games, dance pads and TV card remain at home while I’m DDRless in Cambridge (doesn’t have quite the same ring as ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, does it?).

My interest (some might unfavorably call it an obsession) with DDR comes in waves; entire months might go past without my thinking of the game. Yet when that feeling comes, it’s like sexual healing… No, I didn’t mean that – I meant that my urge to play DDR, when there is no DDR available, is sublimated into something far more futile; searching on the Internet to find out whether there are fellow DDRers in Cambridge, preferably with hard dance pads (unlikely) or even better, whether a DDR arcade machine has appeared in Cambridge (mind-shatteringly improbable).

Luckily, there may be a solution at hand. There’s an open source clone of DDR online called Stepmania, and song/step files for it are easily available. All I need are my dance pads and some USB to PSone converters and I can leave out the PSone console. Of course, this is merely a temporary solution, as I’ve told my girlfriend, until I’m living somewhere for an extended period of time. At that point, phase II of ‘Adrian’s mad obsession’ will kick in and I’ll start browsing around for cheap DDR arcade machine… well, a boy can dream, right?

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