On Top Of The World

Forget about the Nobel Prizes and throw that article about the Space Shuttle into the bin, because at the time of writing, First Words is the top story on Discovery.com’s news homepage! The competition just broke through the 1000 entry barrier an hour ago, as well.

I should probably say something about starting my new Anatomy A: Research into Neuroscience course today, which is looking extremely promising. Basically, the course has no lectures – only workshops and seminars. There’s a great deal of emphasis on group work and research projects (which you’ve already heard about here). It might sound a little woolly, but I’m convinced that it’s superior to the traditional didactic method of having people talk at you for hours – maybe that’s because I always fall asleep in lectures, but aside from that, I really do believe that a more interactive mode of learning is better in the long run.

I’m slowly getting the hang of MatLab now; the last few days have seen me constructing ever more complicated graphs and programming increasingly sillier things. My current task, which I’m two thirds of the way through, is analysing a set of neural recordings, visualising it in a number of ways and using it to generate simulated neural data which will then be altered in a few more days.

Yes, it’s been a good day…

One Reply to “On Top Of The World”

  1. I told you MATLAB wasn’t so bad. You can do some very interesting things with it, with fairly little effort (it is easier than trying to do it all from scratch in C)…

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