Okay, I know that I’m a bit harsh on Push, Nevada, but it seems that I’m nothing compared to some, as shown by this (unfortunately) fake press release entitled ABC Cancels Entire Schedule. An excerpt:

“Push, Nevada,” a high-concept mystery series produced by Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Sean Bailey and sponsored by the IRS, was unique in that, by watching and piecing together the on-screen clues, the home audience could discover where a million dollars was hidden — which one lucky viewer would get to claim.

Unfortunately for ABC, nobody was, in fact, watching.

“When Nielsen reported back that they couldn’t even detect a rating on [the last aired episode of Push, Nevada], we knew our experiment in pushing the limits had gone seriously, horribly wrong,” Lyne stated. “It was our tentpole show. When your tentpole show fails, it’s… it’s… well, it’s not good.”


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