Here are my responses to a short Mars Society interview I had to do. Excuse the cheesiness, but these things you have to do…

Name and Chapter, other bio info

Adrian Hon, UK Chapter Steering Committee member, editor of New Mars.

How long have you been a member of The Mars Society?

Since it was founded.

What was your reason for joining?

It was the only space advocacy organization that seemed like it wanted to accomplish something practical towards getting humans to Mars.

What MS activities have you been involved in?

I edit the New Mars online magazine and am organizing the First Words competition for World Space Week this year. I also designed a Mars Society map of Mars.

What one thing would you like to see the MS accomplish?

To rekindle the sense of wonder and exploration in people across the world; to make Mars seem like a place, not merely a star in the sky.

In 50 wds or less, why should humans visit Mars?

For science, for art, and for curiosity! If we turn our backs on exploring space and Mars, and quash our desire to discover, we will be ending a journey that has lasted millions of years and back when we first climbed down from the trees in Africa.

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