First Words

So here I am, emailing every single famous and semi-famous and should-be-famous person I know or have ever come into contact with* (or even less) about First Words, and also getting ready to send forth a huge wave of actual, physical letters.

So far, the response has been of deafening silence. Not really a surprise, but obviously I would’ve been much happier if I’d woken up today and an avalanche of responses in my Inbox. It’s not a big deal just yet – First Words won’t actually launch for another month anyway.

First Words is something I’m quite proud of, even though it hasn’t started yet. Unlike much of the other stuff I get involved in, it’s been very snappily organised, and it has a tight focus with achievable goals. Very importantly, it’s time limited so I can forget about the whole thing on October 12th, when it ends. Finally, it’s my latest stab at trying to generate a web phenomenon, and I think it just might work this time.

*Far fewer than you might imagine.


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