Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun (well, okay, some fun) going around the web with Mozilla 1.1 and BannerBlind making all the adverts disappear. Between them, they knock out all popups and most sizes of ad banners. For all the other ones that remain, I just block the images coming from the server (this surely can’t last for long – sooner or later they’ll just store ad images on the same server as the non-ad images).

So I was roving about, blasting away ads from the Onion, Coming Attractions and so on. When I got to Dealmac and blocked an ad there, I took a double take and said (to myself), “Wait a second, I’ve actually seen some useful stuff here before.” And so the ad was unblocked.

Most people already know the spiel about targeted advertising being far more effective – so you’d expect that more ad companies would do it, right? Yeah, right, and then they’d start using text ads.


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