DDR and iPod

I made my regular pilgrimage to the nearby bowling alley a couple of days ago to worship at the altar of the Dancing Stage Euromix machine they’ve got there (“I don’t want to go there just for DDR!” said I”), and was inordinately pleased to discover that you now get 5 songs for £1 instead of the previous 3. Needless to say, this saved my friends from hearing my ‘arcades in America are three times cheaper’ mantra again.

I think it’s because they’re going to get Euromix 2 in a few weeks, and also keep the old machine. If so, it’s a good decision. Well, of course I’d say that, but the game is very popular there. Anyway, after a enjoyable session playing double for 5 songs before bowling – a serious workout, let me tell you – I was very happy to get another go after bowling, because someone had left some money in it.

A friend asked me what would happen if I played against someone from Japan. I replied that I’d get beaten. Not badly, by any means, but people in Asia and California have a few years head start on me. I consider myself to be an above-average DDRer, but still nowhere near the dizzy heights of the best freestylers. Now, if Cambridge were to get a DDR machine, well, let’s just say things would be different…

One last thing about changing the firmware on my iPod to Windows; the iPod is now hot-pluggable, which basically means that it doesn’t crash my computer when I plug it in. It’s finally attained true magnificence.

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