Website improvements

I’ve made some minor improvements to, by adding the little permanent link icons to individual posts, as well as the dinky little comment icons. I’d intended to add permalinks for everything a while back, since previously you’d have to sift through the monthly archives to find a particular post. When I upgraded to a new version of Moveable Type (my weblog software) and started using Trackback – basically, a way of making other people automatically link to your posts – it finally became necessary to add them.

For those who know or care about these sorts of things (i.e. hardly anyone), I still haven’t fully implemented Trackback because there aren’t any ping urls for my posts. I’ll get around to this sooner or later, once I’ve designed new templates. I’m also thinking about adding RSS feeds for, since everyone seems to be using aggregators these days. It makes sense to do it for the ‘middling’ and ‘tiny’ blogs, but I’m not so sure about ‘massive’ considering it’s rarely updated and the entries are more like essays.


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