Tom Armitage of Tajmahal is an unusual person. First, he reads this weblog. Second, he is thinking of duplicating the big post/little post structure of Massive. I think that this sort of structure is a good way to keep yourself interested in writing for a weblog, and it’s definitely increased my enjoyment and input for writing this weblog, so my advice to Tom is to try it out.

A friend emailed me today to ask me if I remembered what the great line from Gattaca was (not only a great line, but in my opinion, the greatest line of all movies). So, without further ado…

“You know, I had this crazy thought that you were more interested in the investigation than me.”

“You’re right.”


“It was a crazy thought.”

[she swoons and is his forever, and everyone lives happily ever after. Well, maybe not, but it’s still a great line although it probably loses a fair bit being out of context]