Watching 24

The following events took place between 10pm and 10am of the day of the eighth episode of 24… [beep boop beep boop]

9:55pm – Walk to nearby college TV room to see people watching the wrong channel. Become worried, and discover that they are watching ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ on Channel 5.

9:56pm – Check watch. Decide that I can cycle to the other TV room in a short enough time to only miss the first few minutes of the episode.

10:02pm – Run up several flights of stairs to get to other TV room after ditching the bike. Become highly distressed to find that they are watching ‘Inspector Morse.’

10:04pm – Wander around Cambridge, trying to think of additional TV locations.

10:15pm – Get back to room. Load up Mirc and Kazaa, start searching for the correct episode.

9:00am – Now have not one but two copies of the correct episode.

9:45am – Finish watching episode. Feel very pleased with self.