While I have some issues with neurobiology lectures, I definitely don’t with our supervisions. They’re usually a great mixture of brainstorming and learning of interesting facts.

Take, for example, today, when I learned that when cats are hostile to each other and their hair stands on end, it’s because their hair makes them look much bigger than they really are.

Also, our supervision posed the interesting question – if squirrels didn’t have to forage and store hundreds or thousands of nuts over the winter and instead could get them from the supermarket, as we do, how would that impact on how closely their functions of consummation and apetite were entwined?

And why do foxes, when entering a barnhouse full of hens, kill every single one but only take one (or none!) off with them to eat?

GM grass

Sneeze-free grass on the way – a genetically modified strain of grass has been produced that doesn’t provoke an allergic reaction in hayfever sufferers. The article is sparse on detail so I’m not sure how they did this, other than stopping the production of pollen (but obviously this unleashes a whole load of other concerns).