Molyneux’s Cube Contains Charity

Peter Molyneux is making a game called Curiosity: What’s Inside The Cube, in which players will be chipping away at a giant cube together in order to found out what’s inside; something “life-changing”, supposedly. Of course, you’ll be able to buy more expensive chisels and such to speed up how fast you can chip away, meaning that Molyneux may stand to make some decent cash from the game. Infamously, one of the chisels will cost $50,000.

I think it’s pretty obvious that the cube will contain some kind of charitable donation in the winner’s name, representing most or all of the profits made from the game. Or perhaps the winning player can make a choice to either take 50% of the cash for themselves, or give away 100% of the cash to charity; Molyneux loves his ridiculously binary moral choices, after all. Some kind of good vs. evil choice writ large, using real money.

Why? Because:

a) I doubt his company really needs or cares about the profits they could make from this self-described ‘experiment’

b) It’d be awesome publicity to give away a lot of cash to charity

c) It’d really annoy all of his detractors

So I’m calling it: it’ll be a good vs. evil charity/greed choice. The man is a master manipulator.