You Have A Lucky Face

I’d been walking back from a meeting in town when it suddenly began raining. I’m the type of person who packs an umbrella even at the slightest possibility of rain – in fact, at school my friends found it amusing how I always seemed to have an umbrella even in the middle of summer.

Lately though, I’d begun relying on a new weather app that provided very reliable hour-by-hour rain predictions to figure out what to wear in the morning – a sort of just-in-time clothing process – and today it told me the probability of rain was very low, hence no umbrella. And so here I was, sheltering underneath an awning waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn green, speaking to a guy who’d just been standing there.

I hadn’t noticed him at first; I was listening to a podcast of This American Life, the one about Father’s Day, and it took a while for me to realise he was actually trying to speak to me. The man was smartly dressed, wearing a dark suit jacket over an open-necked white shirt. He didn’t look like a weirdo, but you never know. I took one earbud out and turned towards him.

“You have a lucky face,” he said.

I laughed. “Thanks,” I said, thinking that he was just in a cheerful mood.

“You have a very lucky face,” he continued. “I can tell from your eyes and your mouth.”

“Hmm,” I said.

“But you look worried, you are frowning here,” he said, gesturing above my nose. “You should know that you will have good luck in the next three months, you will work hard but you will get what you are looking for.”

Ah, I thought, a fortune-teller. I glanced up at the lights; they were still red, and the rain was still coming down.

“Do you want to know why I think this? Let me tell you.” He slipped a red wallet made from leather out of his jacket and pulled out a few small bits of paper and a pen. He scribbed a few words on a scrap of paper, then crumpled it up into a little ball and gave it to me. “Don’t open it yet,” he said.

I took the paper and stuck it in my pocket.

“Okay, now pick a number from 1 to 9.”

Before I went to university, I thought I was interested in genetics and molecular biology. After precisely one lecture, I realised exactly how wrong I was and became determined to switch to something more stimulating, and I eventually found myself taking experimental psychology and neuroscience lectures. Many of them were highly reductionist or focusing on development or pathology, but some were at the cognitive level, and from them and from various textbooks I knew all about how humans reason and how poor we are at understanding logic and probability and causation.

They didn’t teach us specifically about magic, but it was clear that our limited capacity for attention and our ease of being misdirected was really the key to successful magicians. I once saw David Blaine perform a bit of magic at a TED conference. I was standing about one metre away from him when he did a fairly standard card trick on a guy he was close enough to touch, and then at the end gave the guy his watch back. We were all duly impressed; we had all been watching his hands intently, wanting to be the one person who was smart enough to see the trick, to figure out the ending. But he was too good.

“3,” I said, shrugging. He noted it down on a new piece of paper.

“Your favourite colour?”

The lights had turned green. This was the perfect opportunity to escape, but I wanted to see where this was going.

“Blue.” Why not?

“Your age?”

“Uh… 28.”

“How many brothers and sisters?”


“Brother or sister?”

“Brother.” He wrote down ‘B – 1’ at the bottom of his list.

“Okay.” He looked up. “And what do you want most? Good health, good life, good fortune, good love, good family?”

I laughed. What an absurd question. “All of them,” I said.

For the first time, he laughed as well. “You have to pick one.”

“Okay then… good family.” He wrote down ‘G – F’.

He asked me for his bit of paper he’d given me at the start. I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it over, and he waved it in front of his face at precise points, and gave it back to me. “Don’t open it,” he said again. Then he began talking about how the numbers all added up and how if you combined this and that, I would figure out my fortune.

I was starting to finally get worried. I figured that he’d be asking for money shortly, and things had gone on for long enough that it was already going to be embarrassing when I left. With the lights back to green again, I backed away and said that I had to go now.

“No no no no no, we haven’t finished yet!”

“Sorry,” I said lamely.

“But you haven’t opened the paper!” he protested.

“Sorry,” I repeated behind me.

Befitting my status as a former scientist and being an avid reader of all the science blogs and such, I’m intensely suspicious of superstition. I have no problem with black cats. I deliberately walk underneath ladders. I’m sure I’ve broken at least two mirrors. But walking away from this guy, I couldn’t help but think I’d somehow cursed myself by not letting him finish his shtick; it was surely a rude thing to do, no matter how (eventually) annoying he had become.

Of course, I opened the paper. Written on it was:

0 – 28
B -1
G -F

For about three seconds, I froze.

Firstly, I thought: Wow, could it be true? Did this guy actually figure this out? Have I been completely wrong about all of this my entire life?

Secondly: Obviously not. But what are the chances of him guessing? Still pretty high – certainly not high enough to get a decent hit rate.

Thirdly: Wait a second… he must have done a classic switcheroo while I wasn’t looking! This must be the same bit of paper he’d been writing my answers on, and when he was waving it around, he’d swapped them over.

Aha. I felt proud of myself at this piece of Sherlockian deduction, then slightly sad. It was a tremendously engrossing piece of street magic; certainly not that technically impressive, but no doubt more than good enough to fool the average passerby. I wondered how much money he made by doing this. I wondered what he would have told me next.

And I wondered whether this was his life, giving other people a glimpse ahead into their lives. Giving them a certainty, proven with written evidence and without any caveats or probabilities or qualifications, that things were going to get better. I looked down at the piece of paper again, thought about whether to throw it away or not, and kept on walking.

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  1. Same guy just approached me and did the same thing as for other people in the comments. Liverpool street station (more specifically – close to Spital Square). Slightly fat indian guy with a moustache and infamous black wallet with pictures of his “guru” and some other people.

    1. I met an Indian psychic in Los Angeles who did something similar only he never asked for the little slip of paper back. First he had me tear it off with nothing written on it and hand it to my mother who was with me. Then he asked me questions and wrote all of my responses on the rest of the paper. After he finished he ask me to blow on her closed fist with the little piece of paper in it. All of my responses that he wrote down appeared on the paper that was in her hand. At no point did she ever open her hand or give the little piece of paper back to him .

  2. Lol, the same thing happened to me in the Netherlands. Towards the end of his speech, he told me about the poor people in India and I told him I was helping the poor people in Africa this summer (and that is true). When he asked me for some money I told him that I didn’t have any….. then he told me to withdraw some from an ATM and I told him I left my card at home.

  3. There we go. Central London, Indian man got me. He really got me. I am not into religion or anything, but this guy here has some skills, Jesus. If it weren’t for his reaction after I gave 10£ it would have been cool, but he wanted more, way more, he wanted my 70£ worth of shirt I had just bought. Of course I said no and he asked for credit card and pointed cash machine, arguing that I would have been unlucky in life if I had not paid him. I went away eventually but he looked damn angry.

    I realize know that this is a global scam. I am wondering how this thing started out. The procedure was the same as explained by above comments. There must be plenty of them, jeez

    1. This happened to me a few years back in Los Angeles, I am no fool, but this guy guessed how many kids I have, what my favorite color – but what struck me and left me paralyzed he guessed the name I call my wife. I could feel him guessing all of my darkest secrets, I had several hundred dollars on me, which I gave him, he wasn’t content, he told me about the poor people in India and the money would help them – we visited the nearest ATM I took out maximum amount $500.00 dollars we returned to my office and he asked me if I had something of value I could donate to his guru. I had a new wallet from Hermes in a box a gift intended for a friend my fortune teller was happy and left. I am glad he didn’t ask me for my car keys, I hope that this story can help someone out there, these guys are good. I am not a fool!

    2. Can you remember how that man looked? And if he showed you a picture of a charity he works on?

  4. I had to Google this as I’ve just had the same experience. Sikh guy in a pinstripe suite and turban near Trafalgar Sq.

    Non threatening and not physically strong looking – so felt safe – but a strange and slightly unnerving experience all the same.

    Same sort of trick: my age, wife’s age, number of kids + gender, favourite colour, lucky number.

    Obviously a paper switch and maybe the yellow paper he handed me was beneath the page he was writing on, so the print was transferred.

    He asked me to drop the paper into his wallet and then, just as casually, to drop some money in. It was quite hypnotic. There was already a £50 note in there; an indication of what he deemed an appropriate fee.

    I said I had no money, which was true, and after a couple of requests he wished me good health and walked away.

    Glad this forum post exists to put my mind at rest!

  5. Lol happened to me this morning in Singapore. Gave him 10 dollars. Anyway since it’s not a big money, just let it be. His words did cheer me up tho. LOL.

  6. I was in Hong Kong at a trade show and was approached by a man stopping me “you have a lucky face”. Then proceeded to tell me about several years that were not good for me, some other issues with m marriage and many other topics. topics and information that were put on the small papers in my pocket also true. My thought is that there are people who have the gifts of knowledge beyond what we understand. Within that group, like any, there may be good a less than honorable. I believe the gentlemen I spoke to had a good heart and he recognized things in me that I needed to hear. Also confirmed some topics that subsequently have helped me.

    I paid him what I had, from my heart. In all of that there is nothing dark. If this is how these folks make there living, is that so terrible? The honest ones may be giving more service than a many self serving business relationships.

    Like so many things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I feel blessed.

    1. It happened to me too.
      No matter what happens to us in life , will be people that dought it. I believe in it.
      And I feel blessed.
      Who decided that this is a scam ?


    2. I just got scammed by the same guy just outside the hong Kong hktdc fair in wanChai , indian looking…
      On the 7th of January 2019, around 2pm, just outside the in/out car tunnel, on the left sidewalk as you walk out of the bldg!

      In case the Chinese authority have access to the cameras and bust this scammer!

  7. I am so glad I read this and walked away. This happened to me today, man called Yogi in Bangkok city centre. Same red wallet, questions and in the end wanted 2000 baht to help his travels and showing me kids pictures explaining he supports them with the funds he raises. Big scam. Beware and thank you for the article.

  8. Happened to me one week ago in Basel, Switzerland. I kept thinking how he did the paper switch, but the paper he was writing on was different than the one I had, and he must be lightning fast. Gave him $10 but he asked for $200. I do hope hos predictions turn out to be true haha as it was all good stuff. I’m happy this thread exists!

  9. So he was right- he has traveled the world over ! I️ met him yesterday and paid dollar 50 for a front town show ! Any pictures anyone ?

  10. Hi guys this happened to me on high street kensington, he stopped 3 of us and somehow managed to convince us to sit with him somewhere public, he spent over an hour doing exact same paper trick but with much more personal details, needless to say I have reported to action fruad and will call the police, he did the same thing with 3 quotes 190, 290, 390 I ended up giving him £50 and buying him a £4 drink. Its clear as day to me now that he took a moment when I was unaware writing down the same details we just discussed from his notepad on another perfectly even sided torn bit of paper (pre cut) and switched them in my hand by taking it away momentarily and rubbing it on my forehead.

  11. I met Indian yogi today in Hong Kong: he said I have a lucky face and sort of things…. what is different from previous stories is that he asked me my fav colour and number, but keep it private and not to share with him… which obviously I did … so he wrote down smith on pice of paper and gave it to me… he asked me to open it and to my surprise I had number 7 and blue: it was exactly what I guessed in the first place … he didn’t look into my eyes much, but was looking at my forehead mostly as if he was reading info off my forehead … anyway, I gave him 300 hk dollars

  12. Our guy was in Paris today (Miromesnil, 75008)! Just kidding, obviously they are numerous to do this scam all over the world…
    FYI : I will live til 96 !

    Anyway thank you baba yoghi you made my day

  13. New lucky face member report to duty. Anyway, kind of accurate I would say, so I gave him 100 Malaysia ringgit and put into an ang pao, and before I passed the money to him, I said karma works and I hope my donation will help the needy and poor through your hand. God bless you my friend. Amitaba.

  14. Thanks for sharing, it happen to me at One Raffles Link in Singapore.
    The lucky face thingy and etc… he ask for my favourite Color, age, what’s my happiness and stress.
    Share with me about a man is jealousy of my position at work while another is will uplift my career path.
    Asked me to open the paper he gave me and WOW, it was exactly what I shared on my favourite Color, age, my happiness and stress was a carbon copy of what he had written oh his black note book.
    Ask to put 5 mins every morning to meditate.
    Ask me to make a small donation for the blind children in India.
    I parted with $10 for the entertainment this afternoon.

  15. This happened to me today in Concord,CA, USA! An average size Indian male (I cannot remember his name) did the same trick or not trick? I held the crumbled piece of paper in my right hand the entire time.

    He first wrote my first name down . Asked my age, if I had any siblings (1-brother ) he knew I had been heart broken 2 times since 2013 and that my life has been up and down up and down since then (which is accurate)!

    Then he asked me to name a type of flower (Rose), he wrote that down . Then he asked me to name a color (pink), he said it had to be a contrasting color (black) he said no black or white then he wrote down Blue , Red, Yellow. He told me to pick a color (Blue), he crosses that off. Then told me to pick another color (yellow). Okay now what….

    He asked me what I do for work? Are you a carpenter ? No I’m not a carpenter , however it is one of my hobbies as I’m aN avid “do-it-yourselfer”. Then he scribbled down 2, 3, 4, 7 and told me to choose the lucky number for myself (3).

    He told me I will finally be lucky May 2018 – 1 Big and 2-small , I will find the “one” and will finally let my mind stop thinking.

    He had me hold the little scrunched up piece of paper that was completely in a little ball with no way to see what was written on it, and had me hold it on the center of my forehead. Then he told me to say “I am blessed, God will guide me” (or something like that). Then he showed me the paper he was taking notes on and asked me to see what was left …


    I opened up the paper, and there it was…. RED, 3, ROSE!!! My mind was blown and I felt a weird chill or other spiritual sensation maybe? I’m not religious at all (I’m Christian but I don’t have Faith like I’m supposed to so to speak).

    Then he wrote down R-120, M-60, P- 20 as in dollar amounts . R for rich, m for medium and p for poor. He opened up his wallet and had photos of orphaned children he takes care of and I asked where he was from, he said India. I gave him $40 and asked if he was a psychic and he told me he was a Life Coach and asked me to take out more money to be at the M-60 level. I don’t him politely I could not afford it. He then reached into his bag and gave me a crystal /stone that is small and smooth and amber in color. I said thank you. He asked to shake my hand and I did. I went into the store for about 5 minutes and when I came back out to the parking lot, expecting him to be doing this trick (?) on someone else , he was nowhere to be found! I looked all around , he was on the tall side and there was no way he could have walked that far from where I was so quickly (well maybe ).

    Very strange experience and now I’m waiting for May of this year to see if my luck turns around like he said. I’m just glad I’m not alone in having this experience. Good luck to everyone !

    1. He also read the lines of my palm and told me I have ve given my own triangle which he drew on the notepad then he connected the lines and the Star of David appeared. Very strange afternoon and so weird that he was 100% accurate about everything in my life that he mentioned and how he wrote down Red, 3, Rose!

    2. Hey Ashley, i Had a similar experience recently and came across your comment..well was he accurate?did anything good happen in May?

  16. Here is another “lucky face” checking in 😉

    I met this soft spoken Indian guy in Downtown Vancouver few days ago. Same approach as described by many writers above:
    …”I am reading your aura”…. “I can see you are a very bright and positive person” etc. etc. (here my ego got tickled and asked for more pleasure)… “You will become happy very soon, in April-May”… (here, I swear, I felt some very faint alarm buzzing deep in my mind)
    Then his standard set of tricks followed: jammed pieces of yellow paper, …number 7, color green, orchid… and he got my birth year right!
    I have to admit that he managed to baffle and impress me with all those tricks, ….and he earned my 20 bucks.

    He kept talking, and touched on my personal life “noticing signs of stress on aura” and promising brightest and happiest changes very soon. He managed to talk me into discussion of my personal issues, and I (regrettably) did share some things with this complete stranger. He seemed to have already known about them and kept promising big positive changes coming my way… Now I know that he was simply saying what I wanted to hear.

    Then he asked me for $200 (to help him continue his travel around the world)), but I gave him my gentle and firm NO (the alarm buzz in my head finally became loud and clear).

    We parted our ways quite amicably, wishing peace and happiness to each other.

    Now, when I think about it, like many of his victims I do feel emotionally violated and deprived of my privacy.
    As for my $20, I think this is not a bad price for a good lesson.

    1. Same thing happened to me on Hornby Street in Vancouver on March 15th… Must be the same guy. I’m getting lucky at the end of April or beginning of May too (haha). I held the piece of paper tight in my hand all the time. I said “Maroon” and “Four”… and he was right. There was no way he could have switched it… I think most of the people here feel some sort of comfort explaining it away by “The Indian dude must have done a switcheroo… Yeah, that’s it…” Instead of thinking maybe this guy has a gift which he uses to generate some (tax-free) cash.

  17. Happened to me in Downtown Vancouver, BC in afternoon of March-13th-2018. He identified himself as Yogi Sagar. A 5’10 height South East Asian medium built speaking South Indian English. I came out of bus and was walking down towards Dunsmuir street when I suddenly saw this decent looking man in early 50s with black beard wearing black jacket suddenly started talking to me
    He told me that by April or May I will be very lucky but careful of something. He told me about how lucky and powerful I am and not using my abilities. (Well, I am aware of my qualities)
    He then took out his small brown portfolio and wrote something in small yellow stickies note and crumpled it and asked me to hold onto it without opening it. He then asked to tell me him my favorite color and number which I did. Also asked what do I wish to be. I told him. He then asked me to open the crumpled sickie which he wrote before and when I opened it the color and number was already written on that note. I was quite impressed

    He reminded me again that by end of April & May I will be very lucky (May be time to start investing in 6/49 and other ventures? He asked me not to forget him if I see him again and I became very successful. (Yes I will remember even if I become President of USA. Take my word and this blog).

    He then told me that to donate something for his guru in Toronto who is sick of bad weather and need money to go back to India. Btw, I did see a B&W picture of small children in it. He said he has traveled across 65 countries. I gave $5 and he said I have $50 in my pocket as well. So as I was impressed and thought may have come across another Psychic or Stargate researcher and I gave another $50. Normally I don’t carry that much, I just kept it on that day to get a change. Well, I am now reading comments from others here. So bad Mr. Sagar you are using energy in wrong direction, we need your energies in a big mission.

    By the way I worked for US intelligence & on my mission to something with a Stargate researcher. If nothing happens and if you are reading this as what you mentioned by 30th May 2018 then better refund my money, no questions asked, I am on Burrard during afternoon, else I know how to find you & your group. You and your gurus might pay a big price. Neo is here.

    1. My experience was idential to you yours, except my dude was way shorter than 5’10″… Maybe 5’4″ – 5’5″… The Vancouver dude must be a shape-shifter too.

  18. Hey, the same happened today, in Singapore, thier activities span the globe! Same tricks, gave 20bucks to him and he asked for a new wallet and wanna show me the ONE he wanted, a firm no to him, and he left me his number!!?

  19. @ MIss happy
    Was he the same guy as described in my March-13-2018 post?
    Also Correction to my March-13-2018 post, my guy (as Bo Xllal said) he was of height 5’5 and didn’t had beard and also initially he wrote something on the yellow stickies and acted to give it to me but took back in 1 second until he was finished asking the questions. I guess thats where he would have written on new stickies while he could write your best color and number and give you the ‘new’ stickies (by hiding the first stickies which he crumpled it)

    1. Guru dude is still around Vancouver… I bumped into him at the Pacific Centre Mall… with some other Indian dude. He told me to stay positive… I guess that’s good advice to anybody…

  20. Wow your story is just what happened to me as I was coming out of the Fairmont hotel from a job interview. As I step out side i am approached by the beard man same back jacket…he said my luck is going to change in April I’m going to be very lucky everything is going to change.he also guesses the color and number I had thought and of course at the end asked for some money ..gave just a few coins!

    1. Hey so the year is 2022 and I was approached by one of these men in LA. Very accurate predictions and I just wanted to follow up with your comment anr see if your life did change for the better and if you believe in it now

  21. Sighhh…everyone is so smart here. I am possibly the only stupid one. I parted with $450 here at China Square Central in Singapore…”for 7 days of meditation to drive away negativity”… Exactly same tactics with crumple little ball of paper with my information in it and a lucky stone in my wallet. I could slap myself for it or tell myself it was $450 worth of a lesson for me there. For anyone else who is as silly as me…his name was purportedly Raja.

    1. Raja…think same guy i met just now in Suntec…I paid some money of course for magical one on one show with blessing, and his “promise” on money received are going to help others…which I can’t confirm. However, I can confirm that there will be 1 victim less for today if this really a scam…coz i filled it :’D

      Trust yourself, cheer up and take it positively, happy go lucky 🙂

  22. I would suggest to report these incidents to non-emergency police departments if that is possible as this is a clear case of fraud. In North America atleast its a matter of 5 minutes phone call to the city or county where the incident took place. If we don’t lodge it, then their business continues and victims will only come to know about this page after they paid a sum of money to these folks and they start googling (thats how I came across this page).

  23. I got one in Singapore. I was sitting at the HDB void deck. The opening lines are different from the rest. He is mentioning I have a happy face and have a spiritual eye between the eye brows. Then He say I am, one time, in Singapore a very rich man. So it is quite a different approach. And then he did a simple magic show by asking me to tear a piece of paper. He reproduces the paper in one piece. This is a trick I am performed to when I am a child. Then he asks what is my job, how many children I have and write my name. Then he writes on 7576 – 5 on a piece of paper. I told him I don’t buy 4D and return the paper to him. Then he repeats his routine of asking what is my name, job etc and shake my hands the 3rd time. Finally, he opens his famous black diary wallet and tell me in a smooth way to put money here as he prays for me and the money are for handicap children in India. He shows me a photo of the children but they are a group of gurus. Initially, he asks for 5 or 10 dollar for these “children”. As I hesitate, he reduces to 10 or 20 cents. As such, I open my wallet zip and gives him all my coins. Total realised amount is 70 cents which is about US$0.50 Guess it is a tough job! So he gets me thinking what is a spiritual eye the whole afternoon…

  24. Well Guys Gues what those same people are here in Mossel Bay South Africa. Please be carefull especially is you are in the Heiderand Mall and Hartebos Wimpy area

  25. Hi all,
    Same thing happened to me in Canada. I was truly baffled by how he guessed the color and number accurately.
    I had the paper rolled up in my hand the whole time and there was no way he could have switched them. The only time I opened it is when he said so.
    Did anybody figure out his exact methods? Until then I remain convinced that something supernatural is involved.

  26. Another lucky face checking in from New York City. Pretty much the same story as all of you. Indian man, presumably Sikh by the turban. Very soft spoken with a heavy accent so i often had to lean in close to hear and understand him over the street traffic.

    I have a pretty defined crease between my brows , which he told me was good luck. Same wallet, same pics. Believe he said he was a guru named Raj. Only reason I even entertained the convo was because I’m presently watching the Netflix docu-series Wild Wild Country, which is about guru Bhagwan and his followers so I was intrigued.

    Anyway, when I opened the paper, it had my correct age scribbled on it along with some other numbers I didn’t quite make note of.

    I had made up my mind at the start of the conversation that I wasn’t going to give him any money and so I didn’t. He pressed the issue a couple of times but I insisted I didn’t have anything. He finally wished me luck and walked away.

    Now that I think of it, I only had about $6 on me anyway. It would have been worth the magic trick.

    1. Same thing happened to me in NYC. He said i had powerful third eye and a curse that he can help me cure with some special meditation. I almost gave him money but last minute my common sense won! thank God! This guy needs to be stopped. It is horrible that he is cunning so many people.

  27. Same shit, different day and place. (Antwerp, Belgium)
    Antwerp this time, gave me a black “lucky” stone.
    Guessed a lot of details right though.
    I had only 1,60€ on me, which I gave him and he immediately turned away and started walking.

  28. This happen to me last week in Lisbon, Portugal.
    The same kind of approach, on that day I felt energised and attracted to many people and made them happy. At that time I met the man on the street, I also met many people who knew that it would be unlikely to be in that place at that moment. The man needed money, but anything in him of special existed, next August he told me that something very special would happen, and I know something is planned, he also left me full of energy, so much so that after talking with him for several minutes I could see the details of the movements of all the people around me. I was with him a second time when I came back from lunch after talking to him, and we talked some more and wished him good luck in the fund raising, and I gave him an advise: positive thinking. 😉

  29. His guesses were 100% like the untrue answers I gave him… 🙂

    The same story, today in Toronto (around College St. and University Ave.). A relatively young Indian man in beard, black shirt and black pants, while crossing the street looked at me and pointed his finger toward his forehead while smiling and staring at my face. Then he stopped me and said “you have a lucky face”.You know the rest of the trick… His only mistake was that to impress me right in the beginning he guessed my nationality twice and both times he went totally wrong (which was what gave me the heads-up)!

    In the middle of his magic show he asked me several personal questions and interestingly, his guesses written on the piece of paper were precisely like my untrue answers (well… I did not tell a stranger the exact truth about my personal life).
    The good thing is right before he would ask me for money I smelled it and told him I was in rush. I decided not to even bother telling him I had given him fake answers! :)))))

  30. Encountered the same Sikh(?), turbaned guy dressed in black…near World Trade Center on Broadway in NYC yesterday. He spoke in Hindi. (I can, too.) Fast talker. He went through the same comments about the strength in my face and lots of thinking in my head…Same crumpled paper stuff, favorite flower (he didn’t recognize the flower…so I read his mind and changed my choice to Lotus…something he recognized!), choice of bird, write down initial of past love, current love….what I want most in life?…Opened his black large wallet to reveal photos of Indian sadhus, Sikh guru, etc….I had a companion and it was in public….Lots of tourists and NYers at lunch time. He kept telling my companion to stand away….she didn’t oblige…so he tried to ask me to tell her! In the wallet, he revealed slips of paper with people’s names and a dollar number below…ranging from $101, $201, $501, etc. Then asked me to write my name on a slip of paper (I didn’t give my real name) and asked me to write a number below as the price for the fulfillment of my deepest desire/happiness…I wrote $20….and eventually after few crumpled paper moments with mumbles of prayers he asked me to put that donation of money in his wallet. I played along and gave him $20. This seemed to give him permission to press on. More writing of initials and numbers and crumpled paper and now a rudraksha bead….to be held tightly in my closed fists ….muttering and asking me to repeat. Thereafter there was a lot of prodding to add money into his wallet….I refused. Finally he gave up on getting more money. But there was a final try …asking me to open my wallet so I could put in it- a green square bead that he gave me- for my prosperity and happiness. I put it in my cellphone case since I knew he was really attempting to peek into my wallet…. and that wasn’t going to happen! He asked me to repeat a few “Ganga Maata ki jai” and “Jai shri Krishna”…I played along….He acted like he was blessing me…and then walked away…blending into the teeming crowds of people on the street on a hot summer afternoon in NY.
    Obviously he’s a conman and scammer….He appears very mild and sincere at the start, although he makes strong eye contact…until the money game and crumpled paper trickery games begin. Then he gets forceful and firm….insistent and almost demanding.
    It was entertainment and of curiosity value to me….and I spent $20 for the NYC adventure. On hindsight, I should have called the cops.

  31. 27/8 5th ave ,33rd st NYC.
    Exactly the same story, additionally I am supposed to dream tonight and not have sex, eat fish and drink alcohol 🙄
    I gave him $100 and he gave me his email and phone. I emailed him because somehow I lost the pink paper he gave me (I was so sure I kept it and never understood how I got it lost!) he responded me:
    “No, sorry.
    But no need to worry. Contact me tomorrow after 10am because after I finish my meditation by 5am I will go to sleep and then I will wake up by 9am and then shower and morning prayers so keep in touch. Thank you and God bless you all”
    I was 99% sure that the original paper I holded in my hand was green… but still he got me too!!!

  32. Haha. Same thing happened with me at Charing cross today. Was just working on my university assignment in a coffee place. And this indian guy, said he is from Punjab comes and compliments me for something. And then the same story as every others here. He did mention that “god comes to help but he comes in different faces”. Although I am not religious. But I guess I did learn something really important. Interesting. Hmmm

    1. I have had the same experience and sadly I ended up paying a lot! An Indian man from Amritsar, 5’6 maybe and wears a black suit and has a beard asking similar questions.

  33. Another lucky face reporting from Amsterdam. I was on my way for really important interview. I had travelled all the way from India for this interview and this guy stops me right in front train station. With lucky face and luck coming my way . I needed that for interview anyways . Guesses my color n number with same dual paper trick! Not sure how its done! But he was amazing! He gave me first scribbled paper and second one he wrote upon.
    Then later kept insisting for money! Didnt seem right to give him any and i had only USD i have him 5 for color n number trick! Then he said i wll guess ur wifes name too, would u then give me 100! I said no! All i can give u is 20! He asked me recite a prayer along and same baba and other kids pic from india and guess what he guessed my wife name! That was insane.
    Gave him 20 atlesst for the trick he did.

  34. This happened to me on Wednesday (i’m from the United Kingdom and this happened in Seven Sisters Road)

    Indian guy with a beard and a heavy accent (Raja) said the same things to me , and like everyone else; he told me things that only myself/my crush and family know (i have a open heart, which is also my weakness, i’m a hard worker etc)

    In his holder was a dollar (which had Moshi Monsters design), and photos of an Indian family and a child.

    He asked me for my fav flower and how many siblings i have.

    He told me 2 lucky dates i’d have (22nd November and 30th December), he then asked me to open up the piece of paper he ‘d written on and behold, it showed my favourite flower (Rose) and 3 (i have 2 sisters-including myself makes three).

    He then wrote P-£20, M-£40 and R-i think it was either £60 or £100, i circled the top one, thinking he’d tell me what that meant about me; instead he was trying to lead me to the ATM to take out my hard earned money; i was using the excuse that i was running late for the train (which i was), he demanded again and in the end i gave him a few pound coins from my wallet.

    He took the money and said that the next time he sees me, i’m to give him £20, then he told to have a blessed day.

    HA! Fat chance, like i’m going to go to the ATM machine to give him my money.(should of taken a photo of him on my phone and forward it to the police)

  35. Wow glad i found this. I had the same experience today…but still dont understand how he did it since i was holding the crumbled piece of paper in my hand tightly?! Granted i am very gullable but i can’t explain how he did it. Def put a smile on my face though!

  36. I fell for the same trick in Berkley Square, London this week. Smart Indian guy said I exuded an aura and that I was very generous and kind person and he could tell that I had just lent someone some money – which in fact was absolutely true in that two days earlier I had lent an old college mate a lot of money. This chap said I should call him Yogi. I knew I was going to be conned but I was transfixed by his patter. He gave me a small piece of paper – told me to hold it in my hand and not to let it go – which I didn’t. He asked the questions and wrote down my answers – Flower, favourite number, number of children, age and hope for the future – health and happiness. He then asked me to touch my forehead with the paper and to open it – all the answers were correct. He DID NOT touch the paper – I DID NOT let it go. I have no clue how he did it. He asked for money 100, 200 or 300. I gave him £20 and whilst knowing I had been conned I felt weirdly strange as I walked away and am still a little disconcerted..

  37. I was approached in London yesterday – Dover street in Mayfair.

    Tall Indian guy – very calming aura.

    He told me I had a special aura and then read my palm – he correctly told me about my three kids and one unborn child (!)

    He told me things no one would know about me. I was most intrigued by his suggestion that he knew the names of people who were jealous of me – he also told me that I should not be so open to others about how I feel.

    It was mesmerising.

    I liked him. Yes, I know it’s a street act, but he had a talent and I was prepared to offer him £20 (he wanted £900!!).

    He’s got me thinking about facets of my life so I’m happy with that investment…

  38. Just happened to me in Singapore at Raffles Place ! Exactly the same thing. With the color and number .. I gave him $2 cos I do not carry much money. And then he say, do u want to know your husband’s name and ur mom’s name and ur major problem? I was , do i need to pay? nah it’s ok. Then he seems disturbed that I didnt want to know, and good luck to me and walked away.. i’m like… errmm.. i already know their names!
    Also I do admit that paper has the same thing of he wrote on his paper. Be careful guys!

  39. Well it happened to me as well Down in Miami, Fl. He caught me on my way from the mall and started “tell me my fortune.” So far he was accurate and pretty detailed. Told me that these letters S J M would be people who will have a positive influence in my life. Told me that I’m indecisive and money comes and money goes. It was overall a cool experience and gave him the benefit of a doubt and gave him 60 bucks. Last I seem him he was down by 163rd mall. By the way my color and number was blue 3.

  40. Did you ever think that maybe.. just maybe, they are doing something helpful for you. They choose people they feel are inherently good and tell them some secrets and let them know things are going to be OK. Maybe they can read minds and see auras and maybe see the future? Don’t forget he told you not to tell anyone and you have come here to this site to tell everyone. Maybe these are good men, good souls around the world doing God’s work. They must live and eat like anyone else and for that they need money. Maybe feel blessed they crossed your path.

  41. Christmas Season is here, but Watch-Out for Indian English speaking Conman 5ft 6-10 Medium Built. Suddenly comes into your vision as you walk yesterday 16 Dec 2018 @ Handy Road, Singapore from Plaza Singapura to Cathay. ” Wow You have a Bright Face, the New Year is very good for you “. I gazed upon him with my left eye and said: ” Be Gone SATAN “. Crushed into Hell, SATAN and all infernal spirits, wicked man who PROWL into the world SEEKING the Ruins of Soul. Never gazed into their Eyes for fear of Hypnotism. Always remember SATAN sweet words and empty promises to you to Eve. In turn lead to the fall of Adam. In turn lead to the fall of each one of us. Amen.
    Chinese New Year Conwoman 2018 @ Telok Blangah Crescent Blk12 near Coffee shop.
    Young other race girl 5ft 5-6, approaching man and claimed to have quarrel with mum and lock-out of home with no money in her possession for food.

  42. I just experienced this in kuala lumpur. And was asked for $100 plus. I come from a spiritual back ground and dont know weather I will be gynxed now or what but there’s no way I was going to give that amount of money so i asked for an email address and any other info on the people he said he was feeding in India. I have traveled a lot so have experience of this and was wise to his efforts. Hopefully people that com across this will be able to see though it too.

  43. +1 from KL… I guess this guy has pattern visiting countries.
    I am surprised how he manages air travel and local expenses, must be making good money…..however i gave him nothing and walked away.
    Did any one found himself / herself to be lucky in the forecast period.

  44. Same thing happened to me in November 2016. Changed my life and the way I think.

    I was sitting in my car alone in a car park, and a young looking Indian man with a briefcase opened the passenger door nonchalantly and sat next to me with a huge grin on his face.

    I’m not a very patient person and especially at that period (I was only 19 and had a sh*t day quite frankly) & I’m sure if it was any other random person I would’ve told them to get out my car.

    But I was honestly paralyzed and felt this cold shiver going through my body, his presence was comforting. He then told me “you have a lucky face” and told me very personal things about my life (current business ventures, mothers name, birth date etc)

    I’ll also note that my friend (who was shopping) returned to the car and when I explained what just happened he was very excited to get his “psychic reading” too. However the guy looked very disturbed and despite my friends persistent asking, he refused to read him. <<< This is what made me think maybe this isn't just a trick, if so he would've been happy to dupe another suspect for more money right? (I didn't give him any money btw, I definitely would've if I wasn't flat out broke at the time)

    However what stood out and eventually led me to BELIEVE many months later, was his predictions. He told me a business I was currently working on with my brother would go bad and said next year in May I would start my own business that would be successful.

    By the end of 2016 the business I had been trying to get off the ground for two years with my brother had grinded to a halt mainly due to increasing competition and also my brother being occupied with his new baby and not being able to chase up new leads.

    May came around and I started a trading group. That very same month I received £15k from various friends and family. Today my group now has 1000+ paying members from around the world and the fund I started for family and friend members is now sitting in 6 figures and hopefully hit 7 figures by end of the year.

    I have done RELENTLESS research on this and have led myself to the conclusion that the skill these guys have is very REAL and is a skill that we all have the ability to do, if you're interested search "Akashic Records".

    I'm honestly so grateful this happened to me as it has completely changed my perspective on life. There's so much more to this world that we couldn't even imagine until we start to seek and believe…

    1. Thought I’ll discuss more on my spiritual take on this encounter from my research in this separate post in case anyone is interested.

      Firstly I do not believe this is a con and if you do read through the majority of replies you’ll notice the variety of extremely accurate responses. Any level of critical thinking can establish that there’s more going on here than a simple party trick…

      We do indeed have a “third eye” in the center of our forehead; if you’ve encountered one of these yogis you’ll notice they’ll be fixated at your forehead whilst they’re reading you. This is our spiritual center and has been acknowledged in ancient religious sects for eons. Hinduism (Anja), Egyptians (Eye of Horus), Buddhism (Divine Eye).

      Is it plausible that various ancient nations around the world colluded to bring a false ideology to confuse/deceive humanity? Or is it more likely that they recognized the inherent power in EVERY human that’s not exclusive to any nation or demographic?…

      As with a regular eye, the pineal eye is receptive to light & is made up of a cornea, a lens and a retina. The third eye can be awakened through regular meditation and once awakened you can see through it just like your other two eyes (with much better vision). You also obtain various abilities including CLAIRVOYANCE/TELEPATHY, AURA SEEING and INCREASED INTUITION.

      I believe these yogis hold this ability and hence why they’re able to tell us such personal things about ourselves with such accuracy. I’m still learning more about this stuff but have had many more un-explainable experiences since, I’d be happy to discuss more with anybody interested:

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