You Have A Lucky Face

I’d been walking back from a meeting in town when it suddenly began raining. I’m the type of person who packs an umbrella even at the slightest possibility of rain – in fact, at school my friends found it amusing how I always seemed to have an umbrella even in the middle of summer.

Lately though, I’d begun relying on a new weather app that provided very reliable hour-by-hour rain predictions to figure out what to wear in the morning – a sort of just-in-time clothing process – and today it told me the probability of rain was very low, hence no umbrella. And so here I was, sheltering underneath an awning waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn green, speaking to a guy who’d just been standing there.

I hadn’t noticed him at first; I was listening to a podcast of This American Life, the one about Father’s Day, and it took a while for me to realise he was actually trying to speak to me. The man was smartly dressed, wearing a dark suit jacket over an open-necked white shirt. He didn’t look like a weirdo, but you never know. I took one earbud out and turned towards him.

“You have a lucky face,” he said.

I laughed. “Thanks,” I said, thinking that he was just in a cheerful mood.

“You have a very lucky face,” he continued. “I can tell from your eyes and your mouth.”

“Hmm,” I said.

“But you look worried, you are frowning here,” he said, gesturing above my nose. “You should know that you will have good luck in the next three months, you will work hard but you will get what you are looking for.”

Ah, I thought, a fortune-teller. I glanced up at the lights; they were still red, and the rain was still coming down.

“Do you want to know why I think this? Let me tell you.” He slipped a red wallet made from leather out of his jacket and pulled out a few small bits of paper and a pen. He scribbed a few words on a scrap of paper, then crumpled it up into a little ball and gave it to me. “Don’t open it yet,” he said.

I took the paper and stuck it in my pocket.

“Okay, now pick a number from 1 to 9.”

Before I went to university, I thought I was interested in genetics and molecular biology. After precisely one lecture, I realised exactly how wrong I was and became determined to switch to something more stimulating, and I eventually found myself taking experimental psychology and neuroscience lectures. Many of them were highly reductionist or focusing on development or pathology, but some were at the cognitive level, and from them and from various textbooks I knew all about how humans reason and how poor we are at understanding logic and probability and causation.

They didn’t teach us specifically about magic, but it was clear that our limited capacity for attention and our ease of being misdirected was really the key to successful magicians. I once saw David Blaine perform a bit of magic at a TED conference. I was standing about one metre away from him when he did a fairly standard card trick on a guy he was close enough to touch, and then at the end gave the guy his watch back. We were all duly impressed; we had all been watching his hands intently, wanting to be the one person who was smart enough to see the trick, to figure out the ending. But he was too good.

“3,” I said, shrugging. He noted it down on a new piece of paper.

“Your favourite colour?”

The lights had turned green. This was the perfect opportunity to escape, but I wanted to see where this was going.

“Blue.” Why not?

“Your age?”

“Uh… 28.”

“How many brothers and sisters?”


“Brother or sister?”

“Brother.” He wrote down ‘B – 1’ at the bottom of his list.

“Okay.” He looked up. “And what do you want most? Good health, good life, good fortune, good love, good family?”

I laughed. What an absurd question. “All of them,” I said.

For the first time, he laughed as well. “You have to pick one.”

“Okay then… good family.” He wrote down ‘G – F’.

He asked me for his bit of paper he’d given me at the start. I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it over, and he waved it in front of his face at precise points, and gave it back to me. “Don’t open it,” he said again. Then he began talking about how the numbers all added up and how if you combined this and that, I would figure out my fortune.

I was starting to finally get worried. I figured that he’d be asking for money shortly, and things had gone on for long enough that it was already going to be embarrassing when I left. With the lights back to green again, I backed away and said that I had to go now.

“No no no no no, we haven’t finished yet!”

“Sorry,” I said lamely.

“But you haven’t opened the paper!” he protested.

“Sorry,” I repeated behind me.

Befitting my status as a former scientist and being an avid reader of all the science blogs and such, I’m intensely suspicious of superstition. I have no problem with black cats. I deliberately walk underneath ladders. I’m sure I’ve broken at least two mirrors. But walking away from this guy, I couldn’t help but think I’d somehow cursed myself by not letting him finish his shtick; it was surely a rude thing to do, no matter how (eventually) annoying he had become.

Of course, I opened the paper. Written on it was:

0 – 28
B -1
G -F

For about three seconds, I froze.

Firstly, I thought: Wow, could it be true? Did this guy actually figure this out? Have I been completely wrong about all of this my entire life?

Secondly: Obviously not. But what are the chances of him guessing? Still pretty high – certainly not high enough to get a decent hit rate.

Thirdly: Wait a second… he must have done a classic switcheroo while I wasn’t looking! This must be the same bit of paper he’d been writing my answers on, and when he was waving it around, he’d swapped them over.

Aha. I felt proud of myself at this piece of Sherlockian deduction, then slightly sad. It was a tremendously engrossing piece of street magic; certainly not that technically impressive, but no doubt more than good enough to fool the average passerby. I wondered how much money he made by doing this. I wondered what he would have told me next.

And I wondered whether this was his life, giving other people a glimpse ahead into their lives. Giving them a certainty, proven with written evidence and without any caveats or probabilities or qualifications, that things were going to get better. I looked down at the piece of paper again, thought about whether to throw it away or not, and kept on walking.

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  1. Happened to me 15 min ago… the guy asked for money and i had to give him $10 instead of 100 that he asking… horrible and amusing at the same time.. i told him my age was 31 while it is 35… all wrong facts given to him, but exactly what was on the paper…

  2. I met an Indian looking guy, good dressed, in Frankfurt. He was walking in the opposite direction and told me ” you are a very lucky person, I can see it in your forehead”. Everything was so unexpected that I just thanked to him and continued walking. Before I found this page I was disappointed that I haven’t stopped and taked to him longer, there was something magical in it.

  3. So I googled ” yogi man ” after encountering this Indian man near 23 rd street near 5th avenue!

    Same spiel lucky face, numbers and flowers on the page write down your wish.

    And at first i’ll admit is was nice to hear something positive!

    butttttt!!!! then he said 50 75 or 100 dollars…..of my hard earned cash FOH…………….. NOT ME NOT Mine

    I am not a tourist

    He didn’t get my money!

    i told him i had bills to pay..

    he pressed and pressed telling me go to the bank, and I wasn’t trying to let him know I was on to him so i said ill meet him another day.. lmao


    Brooklyn stand up!!

  4. Exact same con trick in Frankfurt on 10 June (maybe same guy as Ina, above). Smartly dressed dark-skinned Indian feller. Stopped me right in front of our office building. Became aggressive when I politely refused to give him any money. He shouted that it’s an investment in the future of my family and twice demanded to know why I wouldn’t pay.
    His props included 2 crisp 50 Euro notes in a billfold when he gets to the part where he asks for money.

  5. I guess this guy is back in London now. Just had an encounter on StJames’s close to Jermyn street. Exactly the same spiel of course. I did not give him any money (thankfully!). He must be doing very well though as he was dressed very well. Shame that he can’t put his talents to better use. It’s certainly not good karma to be scamming people for all of your life!

  6. i am from India and i have lots of experience with these types scams . Today i faced the same experience but i was aware of these tricks but i gave him 100 INR which ia about 2usd because i likes the way of performance. So i paid for his performance. I loved it.

    If you read the whole discussion above then you will find that most of the answers for flower are ROSE and mapped numbers which are odd like 3 or 9. The turbun colors play a very important role in your decision making .Most of faked yogies who weared Blue may impact your brain for decsion making.

    So there are prediction and number magic tricks which is a outcome of great hardwork .

    If you are not a technocrat and don’t know about how brain works then go for brain games episodes.

  7. Same this same story in 38 strret ended up paying also got his number and spoke to him but now number is off..same decent tall good looking punjabi indian man.

    Same paper work age color number wish and other stuff..asked 100 $ for charity after showing his guru’s pics and some poor childern ended up paying 25$…convinced him ..don’t know if its true or not..but tht meeting was good…god knows who was he and what his intentions was….i believe in god so he will take care of everything…i just consider donation as charity for humanity..thts it…keep the forum updated guys…

  8. Just happened to me a few hours ago after work in london near Oxford Street. Parted with £50 and feel so silly now even though I told him I’m broke he escorted me to the atm. Then after he started saying I owe him 100! I said I thought it was only 50 which I gave you and he said yes the next 50 and tried to get my number to keep in touch and said he will be around that area every day so that I can pay him the rest ..
    genuinely worried as I don’t want him to harras me for more and neither do I want to be cursed!

  9. I met this guy on Dover Street, London. He was Indian and wore a head turban, and I remember he had very distinct crooked teeth. My encounter was in 2012, but i’m writing now as a friend also met him just now in 2015 in Knightbridge.

    He started with the whole lucky face thing, and showed me pictures of his family. He wanted to tell me about my future, but said he knew I would not believe that he could, so he asked me to test him… he gave me the 3 pieces of folded paper asked me to hold onto them tightly – just like others here describe… anyway the short of it is, he guessed my favourite flower the english poppy, the country i feel closest to other than the UK… Brazil (because of my partner’s nationality).. and also that it is economic success that I crave.

    There’s a lot of people here calling it a con, but to be honest, I don’t know how he did it.
    I donated him £10. A trick or mysticism I don’t care, it brightened my lunch break.

    I will say that his predictions on my long term future turned out to be true.

  10. Feel soo much better for reading these comments. It just happened to me in the City near Mansion House.
    Very pleasant red turban wearing guy who made too many close to home comments but the best bit advised me never to get my haircut on tuesdays or saturdays. That will stay with me at a cost…. only had change and he asked for paper money so gave him a few euro’s that I had. Still feel slightly stupid for handing over the cash but hey ho… life is a journey of experiences!

  11. So this happened to me a coupe of hours ago in South Africa. this guy knew things no one could have known and game me this so called lucky pebble stone thingy. He also said that he will be praying for 30 days. feel stupid since he got 510 bucks out of me and my number ! scary part is the Bible talks about this and how wrong this is. darn indians and their smooth talking.

  12. I just met a “Lucky Face” guy in Peckham, London, he was clearly very good at slight of hand and seemed to have me somewhat figured out, I’m 6’5″ maybe that’s how he knew I have problems with my back….. anyway at the end of it all he asked for £60 I refused £40, £20, £10……

  13. small pink India
    white kurtapyjama and white turban
    I told him I wasn’t actually lucky. When he told me that I didn’t pray enough and satan was in my soul, I walked away

  14. Just met a young Indian guy early 30’s on Walton Street in Mayfair. Same speel as you have experienced. I insisted on keeping paper in my hand and not allowing him touch it again. All the facts were correct so I gave him a few quid and he gave me his number which I took a photo of. He was dodgy though and started following me home. I went into a supermarket to avoid him. His number is 07459 860936. If you meet him, report him.

  15. Same thing happened to me in Hicksville, NY a few weeks ago (just exactly like Deep said) and the other people from NY. He also showed me the picture of his guru. Even though he did the same flowers and number trick, he was pretty on about things going on in my life. There is definitely something to him!

  16. I have also been conned on Oxford Street today. I am usually sceptical of these things, but it seemed real. I gave him £20 and that was that. I feel an idiot. This guy should use his persuasions in something more legal.

  17. Oh so its not just me 🙂 who is lucky !!

    A bit of laugh and anger after reading all these comments, it happened to me as well near Bank Station today about 2:30 PM.

    An Indian guy in full suit (but not in formal shoes), suddenly started speaking while coming from the opposite direction and said your forehead is shining a lot and it is sign of good luck coming very soon your way.
    He asked me my fav color and number, both came right as written by him on a piece of paper written before asking me.
    But one thing weired happend, he asked me to put some money, I paid £5/-, but he insisted that I should give £31 and that is what he seek from a person like me.
    I told him that I don’t have enough cash neither any ATM card since I have just stepped out of my office for a short walk and going back to my office again. He didn’t look happy and a bit angry at me even said he will wait while I come back.
    But I insisted that I don’t want to pay any more money than whatever I have already paid and just left from there.
    After reading this article, I think I am really lucky as I only paid £5/- 🙂

  18. Lol @ lucky face club! Same thing happened to me last week, in Mill street, at the back of Gardens Centre, Cape Town. I had just got out my car, and was walking up the road when an Indian man wearing a black turban told me from the other side of the road that I had a lucky face and that I cannot keep money (“money come, money go”)I continued to listen to him while he walked with me inside the shopping mall. He wanted to sit down and talk to me for 30 minutes but I was in a rush and didn’t have the time. He intrigued me and seemed so calm and happy so I told him I could meet him the following week as I worked in the area. I had never had my fortune told before so was curious as to what he had to say. He said it was very lucky for me to have met him and that maybe he noticed me because I look like a child of God (don’t know what that’s supposed to mean). He said he’d make me a ring to wear.

    The next week I met with him, paid him his fee and he told me that I had been cursed, probably by a jealous ex boyfriend, and that I was living with bad luck. I am heterosexual, but he told me when I was younger a girl was interested in me and that there were 2 men currently interested in me, one younger than me, the other older. None of this really seemed to resonate with me. He wrote something on a piece of paper which he crumpled up and asked me to blow on 3 times before setting it on the table. He looked at my palm, told me a had a long life line, that I’d live to 79 and have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. He gave me He asked me to tell him a colour and a number between 6 and 9. I did this and then he prayed over a ring before giving it to me to wear on my left hand. He said I must wear it for 21 days, during which time all my bad luck will bind to this ring, and said on the last day I must throw the ring into the sea to be rid of my bad luck. Later he asked me to open the paper and sure enough, there was the number and colour. This didn’t really convince me as I thought it possible he had distracted me and switched papers at some point. He also gave me 2 small stones, one for my love life and one for my work life. He said to carry these with me always. He then told me that he would need R735 to buy prayer and meditation materials, including coconut water, incense etc. I wondered how it could amount to that much. He continued to tell me that I was supposed to be successful by the age of 25, but that after he prays for me for 21 days, I will see my life will start to get better and I will own my own company 4 years from now. He told me a couple more generic things about myself that could be true for anyone, then told me he feels there is something wrong with my health, and asked if I’d had stomach problems or trouble sleeping. I said yes to stomach but no to sleep and he then gave me a clean piece of paper and told me to crumple it up, hold it tightly in my hand while pushing on my stomach 3 times. I then had to blow on it 3 times and put it under my tongue for about a minute while he prayed. He then told me to take it out, open it up slowly, and there was a bit of dirt or sand on it. This really freaked me out, and he said it was a sample of the bad stuff in me, but that I still had more in me. He then said he’d give me a necklace to wear and that I must buy a bottle of water for him to bless and that I must drink it over the next 7 days. I had such a bad feeling after that and told him I can’t afford to give him more money but thanked him for his I really hope I don’t see him again as I know he’ll just ask for more money. So dodgy.

    Anyways, I am so glad to have found this page! Happy to know for sure now that this is a scam and will warn people of these Indian Sikh “fortune tellers”.

  19. Hi met the ‘lucky face’ guy just now on Welbeck Street in London. It was a very impressive act – gave me a screwed up piece of paper – told me the usual stuff, asked my lucky number, age, how many kids I had, the age of my wife. Then told me 1999 was the year I fell in love (which was the year I met my wife!) and then asked me to open the paper.

    On it was my lucky number, age, number of kids and age of wife, exactly as he had written on another piece of paper.

    No idea how he did it, can only assume slight of hand.

    He then asked me for money to tell me the name of a friend who was jealous of my success and family and when I showed him my empty wallet, suggested I went to the cash machine, at which point I thanked him for his time and walked off.

    Probably a con man, but a very good street act anyway and he is a bloody good guesser if that is the case.

  20. Met a young Indian guy in the streets of Kowloon, Hong Kong a day ago, I ignored him at first but strangely enough he bumped into me an hour later at Harbour City mall (could have been following me but I didn’t notice).. Started the exact same story about being a student of yoga and gave me a piece of paper.. At that point I walked away, he troubled me quite a few times until I really blew up! Very creepy and troublesome!!

  21. I got this guy doing the same thing in Toronto
    Canada July 27 and being superstitious I gave him some money he was very persistent wanted to take me to the atm to give him more money he gave me some sort of green stone which I still have in my pocket told me I was going to be rich

  22. Location where I was approached
    Outside HMV, Milton Keynes shopping centre, UK.
    A Sikh man in his late 40’s wearing a Bandana. Carrying a wallet looking booklet.
    He started chatting to me in a foreign language, I told him I speak Urdu.
    Asked me the same questions….in the end asked me to give him money but I said I have no cash.
    He walked away politely, but I did feel a bit scared thinking how he knew so much about me or was it just random common things..either way no loss but left curious. As everyone did here I google and came to think site.
    If he could see the future than he could have found the lottery numbers and sat home comfortably and not ask people for glad I was not conned of no cash😊

  23. Ran into the same Indian guy today… after he was supposed to tell me the name of a very close friend was supposedly very jealous of me… A passerby gave me the signal behind him to get away from him. I laughed afterwards and thought… I never fall for stuff like that!!! Lesson learned!!!

  24. In Toronto too. But this guy couldn’t do this time. Most of his guesses were wrong! He said I don’t think of money, I said most of the time I have to think of money as I am work for a bank. He said your friends always fool you I said never. Then he asked me my favorite flower I said ‘Bird of paradise’ that he had never heard of and he asked me to change it and suggested something starting from Sun …I said ok Sunflower :-). Similarly he made me say number ‘2’ and finally my age. The guess of the age was correct but rest 2 were wrong. At last he showed me the paper with numbers and asked me to give him money but I refused as I didn’t get anything useful from him. Finally he left cursing me that if he gets 5-6 people like me then he will be without job.

  25. Brilliant, same thing just happened to me in Mount Street, Mayfair! I didn’t notice him switch the scrunched up paper the first time but I did when he asked me additional questions, gave him a pound but he gave it back to me as it wasn’t enough!

  26. Had 2 indian guys approach me today with the same shtick. I just pretended to not know English and merely cussed him out in Spanish. The stupid twat gave up and left me alone. Then not even 5 minutes later another one showed up trying his luck (pun intended). He of course got the same treatment. I bet these are the same bastards pretending that they are from Microsoft phoning your house warning you about the virus on your computer. These scumbags are a disgrace to their race.

  27. I just encountered the exact same modus operandi today in downtown Toronto. At the end, when he’s asking for $300, 200, 100… I told him that this was all too strange for me and gave him $2 for his trouble. He bargained for $20 as he said he needed to eat. I persisted on $2. Feeling a bit insulted, he said for me take the money back as it wasn’t strange at all. I took back my toonie and walked away. I don’t even give that much money to my own Church or buy lotto for that matter. Good to know of this site.

  28. Happened with me too. Was going out for walk after lunch. Picked me up, some Indian guy, started with you have lucky face. Last name Joshi. Seems he is in Sydney CBD these days.

  29. This same incident happened to me yesterday here in Bugis, Singapore. He not wearing a turban but in a business suit. He said he was a astrological student from India. Really felt good about my self for that 10mins of talking with him until he asked some donation for kids in India or his temple. Quite hesitant when he already asked for money. But gave him my $10 anyway. Hope that really goes to the kids he mentioned. Street magic is it? What sorcery is this?

  30. Hilarious that I googled lucky face and London and I found this blog.

    The same thing happened to me only 5 minutes ago outside my office just off Oxford Street. The guy who approached me was in his twenties.

    I wasn’t interested but I did notice that in his little wallet he had lots of pieces of paper. I wonder how often he gets lucky and talks somebody out of their cash if he’s out pounding the pavements all day ….

    Have a read of the Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini for some interesting discussion about what makes us “comply” in these kinds of situations ….

  31. good one guys for updating this ..thanks Sona…we will find him matter he was a fraud or genuine case but one thing is sure he was earning good money for a single day…around $500 a day by telling fortune to 10-15 people on average…

    i think i should start the same as that wil give me xtra high

  32. I met this guy today. He asked me to name a flower, I said gardenia, then he said another and I said iris then delphinium then daisy then finally rose. Then he said pick a number, I said 4. Then another, I said 2. Then he said open my hand and there was rose and 3- rose was the fifth flower I said and he said 3 is between 2 and 4- ha ha! I have him $25 because I thought he might need it and he gave me his number if I wanted a further reading. This was at Martin Place in Sydney. He also said that stuff about kind face, good luck in October blah blah blah

  33. Same thing happened to me between Knightsbridge and Hyde Park corner. Blue turban wearing Indian man, I thought he said something about my shirt, but was saying I’ll have good luck in 2016, and long life line.. the flower questions etc.
    He had those correct on the scrunched up paper but must’ve been a paper switch… who knows! Then he showed me his menu! No thanks mate. I had no money on me so seeya. Felt a bit odd after.

  34. Have read the above comments with interest but would like to add my experience on the street fortune tellers, nearly thirty years ago and remember I never really considered them whatsoever until my brother Kevin told me that he had been approached by an old Indian in a turban offering to enrich him if he bought a silk scarf from him, when Kevin declined the Indian said “If I tell you your wife`s middle name will you be interested“ as Kevin did not ware a ring and his wife `s middle name was Anne ( with an e) he said okay, then the Indian says Anne and spells it out on a small piece of paper, Kevin was amazed and then had a reading with him, jump forward a year and we both meet the old Indian together in the street and he astounds me also ? I later learnt from locals that he often done the rounds around East London and was quite famous and a bit of a legend, around another year later he walks into our shop where I worked with several other guys, he say to one fella “give me five pounds and I will tell your fortune etc. but this fella says sorry but I do not have any money on me so the Indian replies “ yes you do and if I tell you how much you have will you go ahead “ the fella replies well I do not know myself but have a go, the Indian then writes down and says the exact amount around £42.37 ??
    it gets better as Barry the manager who at in his office was having an affair unbeknown to any of us but when the Indian chatted to him in private correctly told Barry among other things about the affair ! Barry denied it but the Indian said that he could even tell him the woman `s name and even her address, which he proceeded to do ???a week or so later my sceptic pal Pete was in the shop and in walks the Indian so I set the pair up and pay him £5 to give Pete a reading, well Pete went white and very quite after that, by now Kevin was seeing an unknown singer called Sonya from Crouch End and once again by pure chance the pair met him and the Indian gave yet another stellar performance even telling Sonya Clarkson that she would soon be rich and famous ( under 12 months later she was) Sonique is her stage name and became a hit singer and dj ( google her ) all in all this guy could tell you your past, present and future ??? He could tell you things like your passport number which he would write down for you to go home and check ?? i have honestly lost sleep trying to work out his abilities as I am certain it cannot be some form of trick…

  35. just happened to me — mellow looking wizard like Sikh dude – I asked him where he was from, he said India! I said –yeah- India it’s a big place a continent – he reluctantly said Delhi. Anyhow I work in Hackney london at a desk in a glass fronted shop – he just walked straight in and started talking mellow mumbo jumbo at me. I enjoyed the experience – the Derren Brown switcharoo with the crumpled paper. I thought it was worth £1.50, the funny thing is he then asked me if he could take a biro and then he helped himself to a pencil also.

  36. Looks to me like I’ve experienced the same thing. What I will say is however, I don’t believe this is the ‘same man’ as everyone keeps calling him/it/the situation.

    I believe there’s a collection of them, all good at what they do of course, probably a business of some kind.

    He was terrific. Not just with his trick but with his ability to stop me dead in my tracks and have me make eye contact with him, enough for me to stick around. Those of you who haven’t heard of Derren Brown, look him up. Those of you who have will know that some people in this world have an incredible ability to read body language, and thus, make out like they can read minds. This appears to be the same thing.

    My story is a little different to any I’ve seen above however. The idea of coloured turbans influencing decisions etc cannot match with the fact he guessed my mother’s name (the question was ‘think of a name of someone you’re close to’) and instead of thinking of a number between 1-9 he said think of three numbers between 1-9. He was spot on (I thought of 987). Might I also add, that I don’t recall ever parting with my paper either. So, how did he do it?

    Another added difference was that he didn’t say ‘you have a lucky face’. He said ‘you have a good aura’.

    I didn’t pay him. I pay for things which I book through a ticket website or arrange to see. I did not ASK for a paid show, so therefore I left with my head held high and guilt free, because if he had’ve warned me in advance ‘you are about to embark on a paid performance’ – maybe things would’ve been different. I don’t like deceit. I don’t like lies. And that’s what it was.

    Which begs the next question… If a man can lie about the fact he’s charging me for a show I did not agree to pay for initially, does this make him a liar about the fact he’s got some ‘holy spirit’ behind him? Quite possibly.

    But, one thing’s for certain, he said “very soon on September 27th 2015 at the end of this month, good fortune will come your way and an opportunity to travel”.

    What he didn’t know (or perhaps did), was I will be arriving in California for the first time to go on a US road trip along the coast and the reason I’m going, is to hopefully find work out there for the future rest of my life. Now, that’s a pretty wild guess don’t you think? So, let’s see what happens after 27th shall we… and if good fortune DOES come my way, perhaps we need to stop being less cynical and listen to the magic that’s around us.

    It certainly makes for an interesting thread.

  37. I met a yogi in Singapore .you know he is very good .he gave a stone .and my life is changing because it’s power of stone.i don’t care about money .i gave him 500$

  38. Great to find this site and I spent 2 eves reading all the entries.

    I had pretty much the same experience in New Delhi 17 years ago at Connaught Place near the market with a Sikh guru wearing a turban. He was looking over my shoulder and his eyes were quite out of focus. He started with “welcome back to India” which threw me as I had never previously been to India. I was thinking is this a reincarnation reference and he must be really talented if he could see this – so I was pretty uncritical right from the start!

    The questions I got were similar but not identical to others’. My mother’s name and the “name of the girl who broke your heart” were among them. Strange that he asked me that because I had experienced a very emotional split 3 years before and was still getting my stuff together so it was an apt question. All were answered correctly using the paper ball as with others above.

    I asked him about the method he used. He said it was from 20 years training in a yoga school in Kashmir. I paid him $20 or so in his diary book which had loads of business cards inside from grateful tourists.

    Afterwards at my hotel I tried to work out what had happened but couldn’t recall the order it all happened in. My Indian taxi driver said these guys were all cheats but I wasn’t so sure. The next day I thought I’d go back for another reading and try to see / expose the trick. Different Sikh guy was there in the same location with the same routine and the same successful answers. I still didn’t see anything odd but the strange thing was my memory afterwards was similarly confused about precisely what happened so I still didn’t suss it out! Still wasn’t sure about who wrote what in what order using the slips of paper etc. This was weird as the whole process is not too complicated. I suspected hypnotism. As an additional thing strangely he asked me if I had seen another fortune teller recently and that I shouldn’t visit them too often.

    He did add several predictions about me in the next 5 years meeting my future wife in an airport and she would later give me a present of a shirt and I would have 3 children. None of this has turned out accurate which I was grateful for as I didn’t have an issue with him accurately reading past info but want to make my own path in life!

    Overall I was impressed and reading the threads above if there is a team of these guys globally who all got the same training and nobody as far as I can tell seems to have caught anyone of them red-handed and cheating I think it is genuine.

    Even so I had the nagging feeling throughout and afterwards that something not especially evolved / spiritual was involved in the process. Or it might just be that it wasn’t right for me personally to deal with these guys.

    Anyway, just to satisfy curiosity it would be great if someone can really befriend one of these guys and get the full story – what is the connection between them, what is the training involved etc…

  39. Country: Singapore
    Location :Capitol (new mall beside penin plaza)
    Profile of Indian man:
    -approx 165cm tall
    -Slim build and fair skin (by Indian standards)
    -short curly black hair
    -well dressed (he wore a turquoise checkered shirt that was tucked in under pants with a brown belt on)
    -trustworthy voice
    -used a small turquoise coloured phone (probably an old Nokia phone or similar)
    -owns a large brown wallet

    Came up to me saying I have a lucky face and 3 good things will happen to me next week, but I also have 2 bad habits. He went on to say my first bad habit was that I was quick to be angered but easily calmed. Then he introduced himself as Raja, an astrologist from Haridwar temple in Mumbai, India. He showed me his name card, which was frankly in a sad state. A filmsy laminated piece of regular white paper which had his name as “Mr. Raja” (scam alert).

    Then he started asking questions, how many siblings, if I like someone at my workplace, what’s my religion etc. All this while, he was scribbling something on a small piece of paper over his large brown wallet. He then asked which religion I believe in and I said none at the moment. Then he crushed the paper and placed it in the palm of my hand and told me to put it over my heart and silently say the name of the God that my father worships.
    Afterwhich he asked me say out the answers to his 3 questions:
    1) name of my fav colour
    2) pick a number from 1-5
    3) nickname of my ex-girlfriend

    Answers: navy blue, 2, mouse

    He wrote down the answers on another piece of paper then told me to unwrap the crushed paper in my hand. Answers were the same except he spelt “navy blue” as “navi blue”. At the bottom were the initials H.P.S, which represents the 3 good news I will receive next week. Happiness, peace of mind and success in career.

    Then he did his poor man ($30), middle man ($40), rich man ($50) donation request but I wasn’t ready to part with my money yet. So I went on to ask him about my second bad habit, to which he replied that I share secrets with my friends easily but I should be wary because amongst my group of friends, there are 2 friends who are jealous of me. Piqued that I have let “fake” friends into my circle, I asked for their names but he said he has to pray for the answers. So I gave him my number, and donated $30. He said he will text me their names at 11am, it’s now 1.30pm and the realty has sunk 😦

    Oddly enough, he kept reiterating that I must remember his name and that he helped me before we went on our separate ways. This is the first time something like this has happened to me and even though I’ve realised I was scammed of $30, the entertainment and hope I received made it all worthwhile

  40. Let me add myself to this exposure list. Today around 230pm Sussex Street, Sydney CBD. Was paying for parking at the meter when this Indian guy dressed in business pants and a casual white collar shirt said I had a “lucky face” etc etc as per above. Exactly the same, no different than all the others. “Take the paper and touch the front of your head and back of your neck”…… I told him I didn’t have any money to pay him and he said “money doesn’t mean anything to me”…. So when it was all over he opened his book and asked me to contribute something for his travels???? I told him that I said I don’t have any money. He then told me to go to an ATM to withdraw money. I looked at him and smiled and told him that I didn’t believe what he did and that I thought it was a trick. He affirmed that it was no trick. Suddenly a couple of cops were walking in our direction. I told this guy to show the cops. He then walked away with a certain haste. It’s sad isn’t it!

  41. The same thing has just happened to me over lunch here in the City [London] just off Gracechurch Street.

    The man was a pleasant elderly Sikh gentleman wearing a suit and light blue turban who said he was a yogi.

    After telling me what a lucky man I am he proceeded to conduct the ‘trick’ twice. After the first time he requested money and I gave him three loose one pound coins but he demanded paper money. A five pound note was deemed insufficient. He wanted twenty! I declined and thanked him but could not justify in giving him twenty pounds.

    He then did the trick again with a number I selected, my year of birth, a colour I selected from a choice of three and he noted that health and business were important to me. Anyway, the paper in my hand all of this time, and as previously, accurately recorded my answers.

    He gave me a coloured stone as a lucky charm which he said I should put in my wallet and he then requested twenty pounds again before lowering this to ten which I again declined.

    The trick was impressive and I don’t begrudge handing over the eight pounds that I did albeit in contemplation that it was part of a scam. Little did I know what a nice little earner he is on to if it is the same gentleman jetting off between London, Singapore, Sydney et al to do this!

  42. Happened to me today in Ilford, Essex. I walked past an Indian chap and he said I had a lucky face. That I would have my dream fulfilled in 2016.

    I asked him if this was what he did as a living and he said yes, showing me a folder full of articles and pictures.

    Chatted a bit and thanked him before walking off. I think he saw the look of gullibility on my face rather than luck.

    Just another scam, although to be honest I did feel kind of upbeat afterwards.

  43. Glad I found this site. I’m in Singapore. I was in my car which was parked at Farrer Park open field carpark when this same man described as one of the stories above came knowcking on my glass window and said I have a lucky face.
    Profile of Indian man:
    -approx 165cm tall
    -Slim build and fair skin (by Indian standards)
    -short curly black hair
    -well dressed (he wore a turquoise checkered shirt that was tucked in under pants with a brown belt on)
    -trustworthy voice
    -used a small turquoise coloured phone (probably an old Nokia phone or similar)
    -owns a large brown wallet

    I asked him why he said that, and he said he can read faces. Then I proceeded to ask him where he’s from and he said he was from a famous district in India. Then he walked away, when I asked him what he wanted. He had a red notebook with him, and a pen. Same trick…I guessed. A good thing I did not lose any money….so he’s right about my lucky face.

  44. Oops. This thread was started in 2011. Its 2015, and i think the Ghost is still wandering around.

    I met this man, at 10:30 am in one of Bangkoks Mall near Asoke. He said the same thing, Lucky Face + 3 good things + 3 good months + Mothers Name Trick.

    But, he also told me a lot of other things in my life. I was aghast! He told me

    Guys, beware, if you come across such a person, just run. Not because of he will scum you of your money, but because he is pysically very psychically powerful and uses his psychic powers to get to know your personal information. He told me about my aborted child before marriage. Now this was shocking.

    It’s very easy for psychically strong people to get into your energies and receive information specially if your psychic level on that particular day is weak.

    Also, i do believe this is no racket, either is a ghost operating, or either it runs in the family as a buisness. The tout i met, was very smartly dressed, Said he was from India. I being from India, obviously took more leisure to interact with him. Luckily, i was not carrying much money on me, and all i paid was 100 baht.

    He told me i have very sexually ungratifying life, and told me he can help me, the minute he said that, i got up, and started walking. When i came back to my room, i had this icy cold feeling all over my body, as if somebody was next to me, watching me. After researching i realised, i was attacked psychically.

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