You Have A Lucky Face

I’d been walking back from a meeting in town when it suddenly began raining. I’m the type of person who packs an umbrella even at the slightest possibility of rain – in fact, at school my friends found it amusing how I always seemed to have an umbrella even in the middle of summer.

Lately though, I’d begun relying on a new weather app that provided very reliable hour-by-hour rain predictions to figure out what to wear in the morning – a sort of just-in-time clothing process – and today it told me the probability of rain was very low, hence no umbrella. And so here I was, sheltering underneath an awning waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn green, speaking to a guy who’d just been standing there.

I hadn’t noticed him at first; I was listening to a podcast of This American Life, the one about Father’s Day, and it took a while for me to realise he was actually trying to speak to me. The man was smartly dressed, wearing a dark suit jacket over an open-necked white shirt. He didn’t look like a weirdo, but you never know. I took one earbud out and turned towards him.

“You have a lucky face,” he said.

I laughed. “Thanks,” I said, thinking that he was just in a cheerful mood.

“You have a very lucky face,” he continued. “I can tell from your eyes and your mouth.”

“Hmm,” I said.

“But you look worried, you are frowning here,” he said, gesturing above my nose. “You should know that you will have good luck in the next three months, you will work hard but you will get what you are looking for.”

Ah, I thought, a fortune-teller. I glanced up at the lights; they were still red, and the rain was still coming down.

“Do you want to know why I think this? Let me tell you.” He slipped a red wallet made from leather out of his jacket and pulled out a few small bits of paper and a pen. He scribbed a few words on a scrap of paper, then crumpled it up into a little ball and gave it to me. “Don’t open it yet,” he said.

I took the paper and stuck it in my pocket.

“Okay, now pick a number from 1 to 9.”

Before I went to university, I thought I was interested in genetics and molecular biology. After precisely one lecture, I realised exactly how wrong I was and became determined to switch to something more stimulating, and I eventually found myself taking experimental psychology and neuroscience lectures. Many of them were highly reductionist or focusing on development or pathology, but some were at the cognitive level, and from them and from various textbooks I knew all about how humans reason and how poor we are at understanding logic and probability and causation.

They didn’t teach us specifically about magic, but it was clear that our limited capacity for attention and our ease of being misdirected was really the key to successful magicians. I once saw David Blaine perform a bit of magic at a TED conference. I was standing about one metre away from him when he did a fairly standard card trick on a guy he was close enough to touch, and then at the end gave the guy his watch back. We were all duly impressed; we had all been watching his hands intently, wanting to be the one person who was smart enough to see the trick, to figure out the ending. But he was too good.

“3,” I said, shrugging. He noted it down on a new piece of paper.

“Your favourite colour?”

The lights had turned green. This was the perfect opportunity to escape, but I wanted to see where this was going.

“Blue.” Why not?

“Your age?”

“Uh… 28.”

“How many brothers and sisters?”


“Brother or sister?”

“Brother.” He wrote down ‘B – 1’ at the bottom of his list.

“Okay.” He looked up. “And what do you want most? Good health, good life, good fortune, good love, good family?”

I laughed. What an absurd question. “All of them,” I said.

For the first time, he laughed as well. “You have to pick one.”

“Okay then… good family.” He wrote down ‘G – F’.

He asked me for his bit of paper he’d given me at the start. I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it over, and he waved it in front of his face at precise points, and gave it back to me. “Don’t open it,” he said again. Then he began talking about how the numbers all added up and how if you combined this and that, I would figure out my fortune.

I was starting to finally get worried. I figured that he’d be asking for money shortly, and things had gone on for long enough that it was already going to be embarrassing when I left. With the lights back to green again, I backed away and said that I had to go now.

“No no no no no, we haven’t finished yet!”

“Sorry,” I said lamely.

“But you haven’t opened the paper!” he protested.

“Sorry,” I repeated behind me.

Befitting my status as a former scientist and being an avid reader of all the science blogs and such, I’m intensely suspicious of superstition. I have no problem with black cats. I deliberately walk underneath ladders. I’m sure I’ve broken at least two mirrors. But walking away from this guy, I couldn’t help but think I’d somehow cursed myself by not letting him finish his shtick; it was surely a rude thing to do, no matter how (eventually) annoying he had become.

Of course, I opened the paper. Written on it was:

0 – 28
B -1
G -F

For about three seconds, I froze.

Firstly, I thought: Wow, could it be true? Did this guy actually figure this out? Have I been completely wrong about all of this my entire life?

Secondly: Obviously not. But what are the chances of him guessing? Still pretty high – certainly not high enough to get a decent hit rate.

Thirdly: Wait a second… he must have done a classic switcheroo while I wasn’t looking! This must be the same bit of paper he’d been writing my answers on, and when he was waving it around, he’d swapped them over.

Aha. I felt proud of myself at this piece of Sherlockian deduction, then slightly sad. It was a tremendously engrossing piece of street magic; certainly not that technically impressive, but no doubt more than good enough to fool the average passerby. I wondered how much money he made by doing this. I wondered what he would have told me next.

And I wondered whether this was his life, giving other people a glimpse ahead into their lives. Giving them a certainty, proven with written evidence and without any caveats or probabilities or qualifications, that things were going to get better. I looked down at the piece of paper again, thought about whether to throw it away or not, and kept on walking.

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  1. Just met the same Indian guy with a turban today in Manchester and going off from the previous post, looked like he jumped the city. Same like the ones post above. He said the same things; lucky face, hard worker, lucky stone, etc. He did get some money out of me and to be honest, I am glad he turned out to be fake. Some of the things he said were actually spot on but come to think of it, they could have been just lucky shots. Glad I found this site though.

  2. Happened to me in Singapore @ Raffles Place Shopping Ctr. was walking and the indian guy suddenly walk pass n said i have a lucky face. just try smile back at him. and out of curiosity i am waiting for wat he do next. he then come to me n said again that i have a very lucky face. Well and i guess the same thing n trick performed to me. im giving him 20sgd in the end. i was totally dont pay attention n cant remember clearly if he did change the paper given earlier.

  3. Same thing happened to me last night and it cost me £25. I kind of wanted it to be true but knew I was being conned. Cheeky little fakir!

  4. I believe there are two parts to this trick. In Central London, this week: Indian guy sits down next to me, writes things down on a small bit of paper he tore from a pad and hands it to me while at the same time boasting of his powers to read foreheads. He then proceeds to ask for a flower, for a colour, a number (2, 3, or 4) and also asks what would I want to see out of life. Having much time on my hands, I proceeded to be humoured by what I sceptically expected to be a confidence trick. The answers I gave were Rose, Yellow, 3 and justice. He asked that I open the slip of paper, and he was correct but instead of justice, he had written the initials G. L. and H. When I said this last answer isn’t correct, he explained that the letter G was in fact meant to sound like J in his dialect. At this point, my scepticsm was at 11 but undeterred, he went to scribble on a new piece of paper, freshly torn from his magical pad. When he gave me the newly folded note which I clutched tightly away from him – I was determined to see remain alert and try to unhinge this charlatan. He posed the second round of questions: my age, name of life partner, and two other questions that I don’t recall. Now, my wife’s name is unusual and when he wrote it down, he made a mistake which I corrected. He then prompted that the second piece paper be inspected – to my astonishment, the answers were correct. He then went on to discuss two bad habits that I possess and to ask make some other statements on arbitrary personal and business matters. I wasn’t paying too much attention to him as I was trying to fathom what had just happened with the paper. For a start, there was no mistake in my wife’s name as there had been on the guy’s paper so the papers were probably not swapped under hypnosis unless he rewrote the list before the switch. This is plausible, as I remember him seeming to buy some time before having asking me to check the paper. He was mentioning how alike I was to my father’s father – this statement was actually way off the mark. Secondly, in general, I never forget anything – but the last two questions he asked, I have completely forgotten. Therefore, an explanation is hyptonism prior to the second round of questions and the more I try to recall what happened during those moments, there is a sense of deja vu as you might get in a dream. I didn’t hand over any money to him anyway, as it was still a trick of some sort – if he was truly clairvoyant, he wouldn’t need to ask the answers at all. The fortune-telling and generic life/business/family soothsaying are non-specific ramblings that are hit and miss. Yet the specific factual information he cannot provide, unless you volunteer the information. Hence, this would again indicate a cheap hypnotic trick and not some deep mystical awareness or cosmic knowledge.

  5. 10years ago I came across a indivisual just like that in Baldwin park ca. but everything he told was true ,he said it was a waring of what was to come.everything he told happen my marriage, my illness,,he said I would have to make a chose one day .before I turned 45 of good and evil…..he said I’m a very smart person …but what ever choice I made I’ll be very power full with many followers ….I’ll be 45 in 2 weeks ..I’ve been a Christian for 5 years I had my ups and downs but now I’m living a consecrated life to God ,,strange as it may sound that was mychoice.. God Bless You!

  6. Hi
    Left my office today in Knightsbridge and bump into this guy who told me I was a lucky lady. I asked why? So went in basicly did same things as the others here described. Now the thing is I did not tell him anything and he kept telling things about me and my life which were spot on. It was not one thing, or two but 10 facts and some facts only me knew and nobody else. It was amazing! After that we sat in front of a church. It was very peaceful! We talked about life and the pursuit of happiness. I went home and reflected of what he told me. I was calm and happy. I am a religious person and I def believe he was sent by God to help me . Yes I gave him some money. The most well spend money I did.

  7. Germany city Singen The same think happened to me today it’s there a trick?I think it’s the same person or he has brothers but he know things about me .that’s strange he said about karma and he said that the this year I will have 3 lucky times .I ask his phone Nr but I dint have time to get it

  8. Hi,
    Same thing happened last week in South London. He was correct with every thing he said and told us that someone had used black magic on my husband. We threw away his number but would like to talk to him some more. Does anyone have his phone number by any chance?? We’re sceptical but need to find out more! Thx

  9. Hi,
    This happens to you in Zurich, Switzerland too. Yesterday late afternoon an ‘Indian magician’ approached me in Kreis 4 and told me the same story. I let him go with CHF 10.00 after he was insisting on more paper money.

  10. This happened to me recently in the North East of England, I drove past a guy and moments later he is at my door. (For the cynic I was in my BMW with a private reg…) This Fakir was like a medium, they perhaps have a special skill & can read people. They shouldn’t extract money but I guess some of us give what we can afford (alms). I wonder if a few of us who have met these guys were to meet – would we be similar / like minded people or random strangers…lets start a reunion / convention LOL 😉

  11. Hi all, same things happened today to me in a posh neighborhood in Paris. Very happy I found this blog, it was the first thing I googled when I came back to my desk after lunch. Exactly same situation happened (nicely dressed man, you have a lucky face approach, papers to be held in the hand, etc.).
    I may have some more information to add for the benefit of everyone:
    (1) I decided to give him some misleading information as answers to his questions, e.g. wrong name, wrong date of birth, wrong favorite color, etc. –> The result was that those information were on the piece of paper later on. So that’s further proof for anyone that’s it’s just a scam (just in case someone is still superstitious)
    (2) All the papers he opened in my fist had light blue traces e.g. carbon paper evidence (we did three rounds of questions/answers and each time traces of previous writing / carbon paper residue was there)–> My conclusion was that he just switch papers at some point when you look in his eyes etc.
    (3) When I told him to show me the white papers he was writing on he retreated in an abrupt way and did not want me to touch his papers.
    Overall nice experience and the guy was peaceful, but i did check my pockets/wallets several times that everything was there before i let him go.

  12. Today I was walking to a healthy store in San Jose. Then this dude with a turban said I had
    a good aura and said I was blessed. He told me
    personal things about my life that were really
    honestly true. Then he said 3 good thing will
    happen to me the coming month. Then he
    asked me to go into his car to talk more about
    my future. Then I said no because I wouldn’t
    feel safe in anyone’s car so I just pretended to
    have to go and said a thank you quickly. Then
    I walked fastly away.

  13. So glad I’ve found this link… only last week-end in a little street just behing Harrods in London, this charming old Indian man who came out of nowhere, but seemed to be going somewhere, just walk by me as I was waiting for my husband to pick me up. As he walked he looked at me quickly and immediately said I had a lucky face… I smiled and thanked him, he stopped and told me I was going to live until at least 95… so I had my attention then… I started telling him that women in my family died very old and thought the better of it and stopped talking… he then went through the same ritual as described in all the above accounts… when the two pieces of paper matched and I thought he was amazing.. he then told me to put money in his wallet… I must admit that thought that I was being conned all along was in my mind and suddently I felt really angry and thought he had spoilt everything by asking me for some money… I told him I had no note, which was actually true… I made me smile when he told me to put Euros…I had told him I was French earlier… I said I had none, all I had was a £1 coin in my purse and a supermarket trolley coin… oh and my lucky one dollar bill… no way I would have parted with that! He took my coin and walk away wishing me good luck! I’m often in this area of London so I will look out for him and next time ask him what’s it’s all about, because I’m also curious!

  14. I have to admit that I still feel rather amazed by the trick. I was near Moorgate for my training course over the weekend and during class break I decided to take a stroll. A short Indian man with brown jacket approached me and said exactly the same “You have a luck face, I see star under your forehead”. I am not religious and loved all detective shows since I was a little girl. So many stories I have heard, “No way I would be tricked to give away money”, I thought. I ended up giving away 60 pounds.

    Same trick, the yogi man asked me for my favourite flower and colour. I was astonished when I opened the paper in my hand and saw exactly my answer there. Immediately I thought he had switched paper but he showed me the one that he wrote on, another small yellow note. He started talking about what he think has happened to me, lucky but with negative energy, etc. Whilst he goes on and on I looked into his eyes and see sincerity, and I just couldn’t stop trying to figure out how he did this. I thought to myself, if he doesn’t ask me for money and let me go just like that, then this is really a wonderful experience. Unfortunately he then opened his wallet and showed me pictures of some woman doing yoga posture and wrote on paper, 30, 60, 90 pounds. He goes “You are not rich, but you are not poor. Some give me 30, some maybe 90, for you, its 60”. Like I said, I am not religious but there are things that science can not explain, and I have given money for temples and monks before for good. “Let me just think of it as giving for charity” I thought. He walked me to the ATM and I got him the 60 pounds.

    He didn’t walked away immediately, which made me a bit relieved, as if he didn’t just talked to me for money (I later found out that he did..)

    He asked me again for my birthday, whether I have any brothers or sisters etc. This time I intentionally gave him some misleading information, as Mike did (previous post). I opened the paper and what I said was on the paper, same trick, but yes, wrong name of my boyfriend. “It’s a cum..” by then I have already given away 60 pounds. I was disappointed and sad about the time I just wasted on this person.. He kept talking, on and on.. I said I need to go. “Of course, I will pray for you for 21 days. For that I would suggest you to give me 100 pounds for that. ”

    To be honest until this moment I don’t know why I didn’t ask him for the 60 pounds back. I said to him that you did very well today man. I will not give you the 100 pounds and I am leaving. The 60 pounds I take it as for the moment that I was amazed by his trick. Still, it’s not a small amount of money.

    It is shocking to see the same thing has been happening to people since almost 3 years ago and yet we keep posting our experience, and the yogi man is still out there pulling out possible cum. I have given away my money and in my mind this is closure, I won’t be tricked again and I saw something quite amazing. But shouldn’t we involve the police or at least media to track down these yogi man to ensure that more innocent/good hearted people are not tricked? We earn our money fair and square, with lots of hard work and effort, same as everyone else who deserves to know this kind of stories and protect themselves..

  15. Wow this yogi man travels a fair bit, I just had the same encounter some hours ago in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I asked the amount he wanted before he could start. He insisted I listened first. So I put rm 10 on the table. He did his whole you have a lucky face, passing me crumpled paper and then the magic. Was so curious bout his whole act that I went searching online for it.

  16. I just had the same experience – Toronto, Canada. This guy did all the same things – piece of paper etc, gave me a stone etc. Then wrote down how much money he needed for prayer materials $100, $200 or $300 Canadian dollars! I told him i didnt have that kind of money and he said not to worry, there are bank machines around, just draw out that money! Anyway pretty left of centre – glad i found this because it all rather freaked me out.

  17. Had this happen to me recently too. 99% sure it’s the non-carbon carbon paper trick. Still, if I do in fact get $30k like he claims, I will gladly pass him $1000(the other 15k is going to my own temple, tyvm), and hope never to see him again.

  18. It happen to a friend in Cape Town and i witnessed it today. He came up to me and said “you have a lucky face and touched his forehead” My friend got so excited and after that he took out a red purse with a zip and showed us his plasic laminated card. He said he read palms. So he sat down next to us and he took her name and my name told her she would live till 87 and i till 82.. He then proceded with the numbers and colours and then after he had given my friend her paper and i was the correct answer he wrote on the paper how 3 different sums of money. She said she would give him the highest amount. So he said he would tell her fortune but i could not listen. So they moved across about 2 meters from me.. anyway.. i went into the resturant and the chef told me he had had the same experience and we shouldnt give him money. But i said my friend felt the information that mr Swami had given her was.correct. I did ask her if she was sure and… well she gave him R1000. I felt sorry for him and i gave him a cellphone with a sim card. So once i thought about it later that day. As i had looked it up i tried to call him.. the phone was on but he didnt answer it. I sent a sms. But still no response.

  19. It just happened to me. I was so happy and then I thought, there has to be a trick to this. It cost me $30.00 ..LOL.. whatever it made me happy for 10 minutes.

  20. I met this guy (Indian,blue turban,well dressed,red dot on his forehead) in 2011 on a side road of Oxford Street London. I walked him passed when he made some remarks about my “aura” and I, for some reasons, went back closer to him. I struggled with his accent (I am not English native speaker myself) but I decided to stay and listen to him. I am an extremely skeptical person and I made it immediately clear to him that I wouldnt have given him a pence.He did not seem bother that and started telling me things about my life (too generic,really). Then he did the little piece of paper trick. I can’t remember what he asked me now but everything he asked me and put on his paper (my bit was in my palm) but is was something about my wife, children and so on. He then told me (apart from “you’ll be promoted” bla bla) that “I would have travelled a lot across Europe”. He also said I would have lived to 97! wow. While writing down figures on his little piece of paper(my blank paper was safe in my palm), he had to correct one figure I told him (he just erased on his paper). Outcome (after much blabla difficult for me to pick up):
    1) Whatever I have said it was in my “blank” piece of paper. And whatever it had been erased in his paper was not in mine (i.e. not carbon copy). However, if I remember well, his pen was black, my copy was in blue ink
    2)In 2012 I decided to “walk back from the UK to my native country (Italy)”.And from 2013 I am travelling a lot from UK to the Continent”
    3)He showed me a picture about some people in India but I didnt give him a penny even after his “trick”

    So, he said positive things about me, didn’t want a penny from me and did that “trick” with the paper. What can I say? A scam? maybe but how did he do it?

    On a separate note, I do believe there are person with “special” gift. One was a Catholic Friar who didnt know anything about me and yet he was 100% right about my life (and no money was involved) and a lady who did tarot to me very recently (fee applied) but was very accurate on my recent past and future.

    I don’t really know what to say. I do believe in God and I believe there are these gifted people around.

  21. Wow this is really insane but true.

    I am from India and I too had this experience today morning right at my doorstep.
    A bell rang and as I opened there was this sikh guy and he said he is here for a donation towards a prayer being arranged in the nearby Gurudwara. This is quite regular in India so I gave him 100 rupees.
    Then he said you have lucky life.

    Then he said he can tell me certain things and which I should keep only till me.

    He gave me a small paper and asked me to right my date of birth, my parents name and any one wish that I have. Then he told me to fold the paper and kept it with me.

    He then told me my Date of birth and My fathers name 100% accurate which he had written on a separate piece of paper.
    I was really amazed as in how he can guess that.

    Then he said that in the coming year two months are very favorable for me.
    I will meet the girl of my life whose name will start with letter ‘S’.
    He told me that I should not worry too much and I am very helpful to my frends and I should refrain a bit in going all out helping me friends.

    Almost all the things he said were really true.

    The most startling fact is that he could not have got any information about me or my family because I shifted to this place only a week back and nobody in my my neighbour know anything about me.

    He did asked me to give some money 3100, 4100 or 5100 which he will use for doing Ardass (Prayer) for me and before I could say that i dont have money in my wallet he said I know that you don’t have money in home and you have money in your account which you have kept for some specific purpose. (Again right as next month is my brother’s marraige and there are a lot of expenses coming up for that).

    He said to give money only if I will give the money with happiness.

    Before going he said that I will go abroad next year and he will come and ask for buying him clothes after I return back to India next year.

    I ended up giving him 3100 + 100 in total.

    Being a guy from India I don’t beleive in most of these guys who will ask for money saying they can tell your future but this was amazing.

    Also, Sikhs are known as people whom you can trust. You will not find a single sikh beggar throughout the world.

    It is amazing to know so many people throughout the world have experienced such things.

  22. Smae thing today in Bangkok outside Wat Suan Phlu, near the Shangri La Hotel. A Sikh with a turban, maybbe 50 years old. Calm, gentle and seeming trustworthy. Exact same story as posted here many times (You have a lucky face, Good things will happen next month around Christmas, i.e. will meet a partner for life, will make lots of money the next 3 years etc etc.). Lots of mumbo-jumbo, but the fascninating thing was about the (in my case 4) questions, former lifepartner, mother’s name, profession, birthdate. He himself wrote these down on a small paper, crumbling it up, handing it to me to keep firmly in my hand. Then some more mumbo-jumbo before I revealed the answers, which he again wrote down on a new piece of paper. Then compare the two, 100% match.

    While I knew from the outset that this was going to be about money, I indulged him because it was entertaining fun and fascinating at the same time. There was talk about god and higher powers (which he even asked me if I believe iny any of those, to which I said no, didn’t deter him at all), but I still have no idea how he could have switched the papers. Also, if I remember correctly, there was neither time nor opportunity to write a second, correct version to slip into my hand after I revealed the correct answers.

    So even if this is a “scam”, it is money spent on an amazingly well done trick. We’d pay a lot to see David Copperfield, so might as well pay to experience this well done trick first-hand. I ended up giving him 2000 Thai Baht (which is 50 Euros), as I had promised beforehand., when he of course said I wouldn’t have to pay I he wasn’t 100% correct. I have no grudges.

    As for reporting these guys to the police as someone suggested here, what is illegal about what they are doing? They are not stealing, nor selling fake good, nor else engaging in fraud. They say they the answers on the papers will match, and they do. That’s all they sell. How they get there, whether through being psychic, or a “higher power” (as my guy), or by a smart trick, is irrelevant to the deal.

  23. Singapore parkway parade – 16 nov ,2014.
    This happened to me and my friend when we were approached by a sikh indian guy who said good things are going to happen soon and asked us to scribble on paper . He seemed to be right and got 80 SGD from my friend and I can’t believe but I actually went to the ATM to withdraw money and give him 250 SGD. I have no clue what he does , but a simple advise is not to get into such conversations . I have learnt my lesson 😦 .

  24. this just happened to me and my girlfriend in san jose, CA! it was interesting at first, but after 10-15 minutes i knew he was going to ask for money. he guessed the flower part on my gf’s paper. for me, he told me to choose a number between 1-9 and i chose 7. he was right. not sure how he did it. he might have switched it at some point. what pissed me off was that we were at a parking lot and he got in our car without asking…my gf gave him $5 just so he would leave. if i ever see him again, i will literally stab him. goodbye

  25. Look like is a group or same person try to show little trick to the world, I just now meet this guy in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, same thing looking at you said you have a lucky face and then same thing small paper and skill same trick, this time a bit different is told me do not share anything or idea to any one and I need pray to God at the early morning and then money will come to you.

  26. I experienced the same scam today in Khao San road, Bangkok. I’m always sceptical about things like these so I try my best to prove the legitimacy of them, plus i was intrigued as to where this was going. He said I had a lucky face and it was fate to meet me bla bla bla. He guessed my number between 1-10, stupidly I chose 7 which was the first number to pop in my head, that and the number 3 I would imagine are the two most probable numbers to guess. He said he would guess my mothers name, girlfriends name (by this time she had left his associate as she has no time for scammers), how many siblings and my birth year. So all I needed to do was circle my financial status to associate a donation, there was poor (3000 baht) medium (6000 baht) rich (9000 baht) by this time I was definitely sceptical about it being a con as he pulled me aside on the street with the full lucky face thing. When I said I had no money and I couldn’t afford to pay him any of these prices he didn’t believe me saying I had money on me (which I didn’t, the missus was holding the money) he then said I could give him an old phone or camera instead, again I can’t afford to give him any of these as I have photos on both and they are my possessions. I eventually agreed to buy a new phone (cheapest I could find) and give him that, if he correctly guesses all 4. He then pretends to check my palms, looks at my tongue and earlobe etc. scribbles something on paper without letting me see, then done the usual rolling it in a crumpled ball and in my hand. When he done that however he then asked me the answers as a proof paper, I decided I will give this guy false names to see how legitimate he really is, if he’s really read my palm and such he would have written different answers down. He then proceeds to ask me more questions regarding sex life, last time I’ve seen family, friends and my country etc. Scribbles them on paper then takes the original crumpled bit from my hand and puts the 2 together, kissing is and blowing on it then puts it back in my hand, so now I have two separate bits. Now whether the first bit of paper was blank and with full second bit of paper opportunity he extracted the information and done the old switcheroo I dont know? But the results came back with the false names. I agreed to buy him a phone, however he agreed to correctly guess the names etc. I left knowing he was a scam artist and with that I felt I had scammed him back….ironic though as before we got started he was asking if I believe in karma. Does he?

  27. Hello, I am from Mauritius and one of my friend just phoned me and he was pretty freaked out. He encountered the same guy, smartly dressed, with leather shoes and did the same trick with yellow paper, aksing some questions and miraculously getting all the answers correct whilst the paper was still in my friends hand. He also handed him 3 bits of paper and sm kind of stone which after some time seemed to have put the pieces of paper back into a single piece. THIS IS A SCAM!! I am yet to figure it out but believe it involve some chemistry with the paper already senstive to some kind of ink. PLEASE SHARE AND INFORM ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO BE CAREFUL!!

  28. Thanks for the write up guys.
    I too am now a member of the lucky face club. Coming out of Wynyard station in Sydney today at around 1:25 pm this decent looking Indian guy in a turban said the magic word – ‘you have a lucky face’. I will spare you guys the details as the story sounded similar with the rest of the posts in this site with slight variation. I thought he had a genuine concern about my luck and my future but realised I was dreaming when yogi asked for money. So glad I didn’t fall for it, and feeling even better after finding this site.

  29. Got caught by him today, Ko San Rd (tourist central) Bangkok. Late middle aged sikh with turban. Did the whole you are lucky, have good Kharma, big heart etc, followed by the number and color. I gave him a few coins and went to leave. Then he said ‘if I tell you the name of your mother what will you give me?’

    I am usually a skeptic / cynic, not supersticious at all. But I was adpoted as a baby and spent years searching for my Mother. I found out her name a couple of years ago, but have had no contact….. I then fell for hit BS hook line and sinker.

    I gave him 6000 Baht (about £120) after being blown away at him giving the correct name.

    A couple of hours later thinking it through I worked out he’d switched the pieces of paper. I was half glad to realise that there was nothing supernatural going on, and half really pissed off at my self for being taken.

    5 minutes of subsequent googling brought me here. Oh well lesson learned. I had just been to a money exchange and changed £100 into Thai Baht, i wonder if he’d been watching the money exchange shop?

  30. Was Approach by a yogi man today while i was parking my bike at the multi-story carpark near my housing estate at Beo Cresent somewhere in Singapore. And yes he did say “i had a lucky face” and the same great guessing trick which impress me but end up being persuaded by him to give him all my money.. felt cheated somehow i gave him SGD10 as that was all i have in my wallet. I was lucky not to withdraw money from the atm as i am sure he will try to get all that money into his hands. I somehow feel that he just have good illumination tricks under his sleeves and people should take a little more precaution.

    After the whole incident i feel that i have just been trick by one man that is full of tricks. But for some who been trick further as in the yogi man was able to now your family background, stuffs and your past. I believe that this people might be having relations with the jins/syaitans, correct me if i am wrong, as i have no intention to spread false information leading to accusing of innocent men. As a muslim, i learn that the only way other people can know your past is either you told them, they been stalking you or they get the jins/syaitans to help them as from what i Know jins and Syaitans have the knowledge of our past especially every sin we made. Therefore having that knowledge they used it to stray us from the word of Allah by making us trust them with their fortune telling tricks pouring some truth and a lot of lies to blind us. But one thing for sure they cannot tell our future no one can only Allah knows as he is the all knowing. Therefore never fall into such traps as one that know your past will never know you future for sure.

    In conclusion please do not fall into the words of another man saying your future is bright or dark. As no man, devil, jin or animal knows your future other than God, Allah. Thus, For those who came across another yogi man next time. Please don’t accuse them having relation with the devil as it is not 100% probable. What i am sharing with you guys is basically what i know and feel through reasoning and some facts. Therefore does not mean all yogi guys have relation with a devil. They are just another human like us and next time when you stop by them and being shown the tricks you do not need to trust them and when they as for money, take it as a tip for some magic tricks and a charity for those in need.

    I believe thats all i want to share people!! Anyway marry belated christmass!! And a happy new year!!

  31. this also happened to me today for the SECOND time first i was at school in north hollywood ca about 3 weeks ago the second time which was today in beverly hills ca … if i get approached again im gonna learn the trick and do it on him!

  32. i just encountered this guy in shoreditch and was so convinced he could actually read my mind that i parted with £121 of which i got from the ATM! wow….he was very convincing, this one got me with my own name, the flowers and numbers one, and my age….he also kept telling me i think too much, and to relax and not think so much….which is weird as i do think too much (and that’s when he had me….along with happiness, good person, blah blah blah), oh and that i work hard for money and let it go easily!…he must have been wetting himself inside….gutted its a con, but i’m smiling about it so oh well… out for yogo london

  33. Guys the same thing happened to me today at East London, near Brick Lane.

    I was walking, looking for a lighter and suddenly a man told me “You have a very lucky face”. I said “Thanks” and he asked me if I had wanted to know how he knew.

    Then he started telling me how he can read my aura and etc and I told him I’d believe him if he guessed my name.

    He wrote something on a paper, and put it in my hand. Then, he started to ask what my name was, where I was born, to pick a number (I picked 3). Then he showed me a picture of a few Indian Yogha/Guru men and asked me to kiss the paper and look at the Sky and put it on the face of any man on the paper. I opened the folded paper and it was my name. He then asked me for money, and initially, I didn’t wanna give him anything. Then I felt that he might curse me or something so I gave him £10. Then he sat down with me and wrote some stuff about stars on a paper and did the whole paper trick again, this time about me getting married to a guy, gave me a small stone and then asked me to give him another £21 because I am 21 years old.

    I didnt give him anything else and he just said “God Bless You” and walked away.

    I got so freaked out I threw everything he gave me away. Do you guys thing these people are legit?

    It’s impossible he would know my name because it’s a very Arabic name and its VERY RARE.

  34. I had the same experience prior on Sat. I was working at the office and he stepped inside. The man was smartly dressed and had a friend with him. He said he was looking for the owner and he knew the owner. But after he approached me and said I had a lucky face and did all those paper things. I was pretty tired right then since it was close to 4pm and I had already been a bit frustrated with the workload and plus was doing taxes for the prior year.

    He actually got me to cry since he said there was someone in my life who was pressing down on me and that person is not in my immediate family because she is jealous of me. He then continued on with the paper thing and said I had a misfortune back in 2011 and that my fortune will change with better wealth, health, and love. He then showed me amounts in which I would like to donate to the poor $30 or $50 and then another envelope to give to him so he can pray for me for 33 days. He also gave me a stone or seed that looks like a Li hing mui but bumpy like a lychee fruit outer covering.

  35. I had a some-what same experience today in San Leandro, California. An Indian (?) man came to my car when I was about to leave. He told me I’m blessed, Im very blessed. He had a strong accent, it was hard to comprehend some of the things he said. Unlike some of these stories, he wrote something down on a piece of paper and crumbled it. He handed it to me. He then asked me to pick any flower – I picked a rose – then a number between 1-5 – I picked 3. He then told me to blow on the paper and open it. What do ya know? Its exactly what I told him. AFTER I had the paper in my hand. Trippy. He then followed with how my face and self look happy, but inside Im sad and not happy ( Which Is completely true). Then said that 1 man has broken my heart before. Which again is TRUE! Ive been with only a few men. He just told me how blessed I am and that the number on the paper is how many blessings I will have soon. HE NEVER ASKED FOR MONEY! WHAT!? I don’t see how this situation could possibly be a scam. Or magic. Just the fact that before he really talked to me he wrote these things on the paper. Its weird to me how all these stories are similar yet different. Some are probably scams of course, if they’re asking for money. But at the same time how do they know all these things about us?

  36. So glad I found this website as I had to google this. Ok so here’s my story- it happened in Fremont, CA was I was walking into a grocery store. An indian man (no turban) came to me and said the whole you have a lucky face to which I replied thanks. N

    He told me things about my life.. that were unusually spot on. He talked about how I regretted partnering up in business and not to do it this time around. (very true). Of course he talked about the boatloads of money I would make. He talked about the type of person I am.. very spot on details. He did the paper trick which didn’t do much for me even at the moment. Bc I was like.. really.. the number 3, Rose, .. ehh not that impressed. I’m sure those are common off the top of your head answers.

    Didn’t give him any money. I told him I would rather just donate it to the needy. He seemed upset at first but then said good luck to me.

    Scam? I would assume so. But many spot on details.. so the trickery is good. Who knows maybe they have a gift maybe they don’t

    If they don’t…It sucks because Sikhs are really good people and from the stories I’ve read on this website these people might be out here shaming them!

  37. Same thing here in sunny Pasadena, CA. Taking a walk after lunch I got stopped by a “really friendly Indian guy in a black turban with a large beard” claiming he could see my aura and that I was going to be very lucky next year. He said my last two years had been really hard but that this year would be better. I told him that the last few years had actually been really good so this next must be fantastic! He started scribbling on the typical small sheets of paper, and handed one to me.

    Then he asked how many brothers I had: 3. Then he asked my favorite color and I said blue.

    I knew something wasn’t kosher but I played along. Then he asked me for money because he had “blessed me”. I told him I didn’t have any cash and he said “well what can you do for my people?” as he showed me an old picture of poor Indian people. I told him I could pray for them that they would be blessed just like me. Then he told me to look at the paper, and sure enough he had written 3, blue on it.

    I told him it was a nice trick, and to have a good day. He told me not to cut my beard because it had a good aura. Aww shucks. Thanks man!

    Don’t give in to cheap parlor tricks and a fake blessing!

  38. I am glad I found this website and learned that ALOT of people had similar experience. It happened to me today in Hong Kong, I was taking a smoke break out of work (didn’t bring my wallet with me), and this Indian guy dresses in a nice suite came by and said I have a lucky face. (i actually experienced it two years ago) but want to see how he did the trick. He only asked for my favourite colour (which I purposely picked Pink which obviously is not my colour) and a number below 10. He then started to ask what’s my wish and that I will be making alot of money and will make my name in public. Of course, once I opened the paper it was Pink and the number I told him. He then asked for money and I told him I don’t have my wallet with me. He said he will sit there and wait for me to go out and get it. I keep asking him how he did that trick and he just told me not to worry about it. He said he will tell me everything about my life if I help him out with some money. I asked if he can tell me a little and I will see if it means something to me. He was abit shocked and said I am not respecting him. I told him I respect him but I just feel abit insecure. He then walked away..

    I really want to know how he pulled off that trick..

  39. Wow thank you for posting this site.

    I just had my encounter today at raffles city, Singapore entrance today. This guru is about 30s – 40s. He says he is a social worker coming to Singapore to help. He started with Lucky face and did e same things, predicting about my life and family, which I am amaze some r true, whilst the rest are not. But what’s mind boggling is how he could have known. And to end it off he did the rich ($900), middle($600) poor ($300) category n ask where I belong. That was e point where I told him off, that he has not been completely honest, and how can he be aspiring $300 from somebody who say he or she is poor?? He told me not to be angry and walk away.

  40. Wow, he got me for $23 in downtown San Francisco, California, USA. He told me everything I wanted to hear. However, my storyline was different. Like: Stay away from ex-girlfriends, don’t leave California to live elsewhere, someone will partner with me in business to make millions and I should always listen to my wife and stay away from young girls. The latter point made me laugh. He was Indian and dressed as everyone described above. By the way, I selected Blue and “3”. I suppose I missed the paper-switch due to the fact I was so amazed by his false insight. On the bright side, $23 will help me save others.

  41. Had my encounter today with the great Yogi at my door step! He said, he got my address in meditation. Same start – lucky face, etc. Rose + 3…He cant be the same person as I can see from posts above that he was in US on 27th so he cannot be in Leeds, UK on 02nd April unless he is really rich or a true Yogi. He mentioned that he is currently in Manchester…not sure why he took the pain to visit my house which is 60 miles from manchester. Not worth a travel for £5, which I gave him before he played all the tricks. I wouldn’t if he would have done it earlier. Hope he is not lucky as he was planning to visit another house nearby! Wishing good luck to the next house he visits. I took his mobile number just in case if anyone feels cheated. Don’t think he conned me but give me a shout if you had a bad day.

  42. There are 2 guys currently at the parking lot of the Westfield Mall in Woodland Hills, CA. Same story as everyone else. I even got a little souvenir that I am supposed to keep on my person. What gets you is the face, it’s just so innocent looking. There is definitely an art to this scam. Either they manage to remember each person’s “good luck” to come or they just tell the same stories over and over, and I’m betting on the latter. This guy had the nerve to ask me for more money the second time. What a joke!

  43. may 2015, very similar story in Zuerich CH , pleasant and polite indian fellow mid-30s age, says on the street that i have a lucky face. i figure some kind of scam is up, mainly expecting an attempt to distract me from a pickpocketing. He pulls a little wallet type thing out of his bag , with lots of scraps of paper. crumples one up and says here hang on to this. ok i have that in one hand. Then he asks me a few of the same questions others here get asked, number of siblings, name of a flower i like, something i want out of life.. the flower i gave was a very unusual name (not even english) , etc, the same deal where he writes them all down on his paper, and then later tells me to open my paper and written on it are the things he had written down on the other paper. He gave the same story about some good news to come soon etc etc, gave me some small plastic charm.. i was genuinely impressed with the paper trick, still trying to think of when he caught me off guard to switch the paper in my hand , and had figured he’d get around to asking for money sooner or later. i’d already decided ill give him a 5 franc coin i had in my pocket as the skill of the performance was genuinely worth something. then he did the bit about writing down three numbers saying regular people pay 100 francs, moderately well of pay 200, and rich people pay 300.. needless to say thats quite a lot of money, i offered him the 5 franc piece (still quite generous really) and after some protesting he was satisfied with this and remained quite polite and told me to get up earlier in the morning to pray.. then we parted. i did make a second check on my wallet just in case there had been an accomplice trying to pick my pocket, but nothing of the sort. i figured he earned the fiver for the well done performance.

  44. can I say something which I feel is Important which will probably not be believed but might be a warning to a few ppl here. But here goes:

    These fortune telling guys use something called a jinn. A lot of people don’t believe in it but they refer to them as spirits. However it is a common believe that every person has a spirit that accompanies them. These people have the ability to communicate with their spirits which in turn communicates with your spirit and tells them things. That’s how they know what your thinking because your spirit tells their spirit. Secondly to the poster who allowed the guy to take a picture. Please do not allow these people to take your picture or anything you have touched that belongs to you. If you do not give them money they can cast spells on you. I know you guys wont believe me but just trust that there are things in this world that do exist but we cannot see. It’s not magic but its through rituals and sacrifices these people are able to obtain the help of spirits. Its the concept like aladin and the genie. Neways whether you believe me or not just don’t give them anything like a picture.

  45. Just got conned as well, right in the neighborhood I work in, in central Paris.

    Was busy, tired from a workout and going back to work.

    I was amazed that I got tricked, but I had especially poor attention at the time.

    That’s street magic, nothing special really, but it’s well done. Just feel weird to have fallen for it.

    I mean, I basically live here, I know about this stuff.

  46. May 18th, 2015… Happened to me during my lunch time on the avenue Franklin Roosevelt Paris…
    After all these things : lucky face, numbers on paper, etc… I let him some money.
    In the doubt I said : if I’m wrong with you I’ll just imagine that you are only very kind and that I paid a lunch for you.
    But if you know me so much, you must know that I have a true memory.
    Then wherever you will be now, I’ll recognize you.

  47. Happened to me yesterday… I’m amazed how many people on here do not believe… 4 pieces of paper right each time, no slight of hand, no tricks. I feel very blessed and grateful this holy man crossed my path and told me the things he did. The #parlourtricks as one might view them were only there to prove and show his authenticity in case you did not believe.

    Thanking the Holy Man / Yogi that crossed my path xx

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