You Have A Lucky Face

I’d been walking back from a meeting in town when it suddenly began raining. I’m the type of person who packs an umbrella even at the slightest possibility of rain – in fact, at school my friends found it amusing how I always seemed to have an umbrella even in the middle of summer.

Lately though, I’d begun relying on a new weather app that provided very reliable hour-by-hour rain predictions to figure out what to wear in the morning – a sort of just-in-time clothing process – and today it told me the probability of rain was very low, hence no umbrella. And so here I was, sheltering underneath an awning waiting for the pedestrian lights to turn green, speaking to a guy who’d just been standing there.

I hadn’t noticed him at first; I was listening to a podcast of This American Life, the one about Father’s Day, and it took a while for me to realise he was actually trying to speak to me. The man was smartly dressed, wearing a dark suit jacket over an open-necked white shirt. He didn’t look like a weirdo, but you never know. I took one earbud out and turned towards him.

“You have a lucky face,” he said.

I laughed. “Thanks,” I said, thinking that he was just in a cheerful mood.

“You have a very lucky face,” he continued. “I can tell from your eyes and your mouth.”

“Hmm,” I said.

“But you look worried, you are frowning here,” he said, gesturing above my nose. “You should know that you will have good luck in the next three months, you will work hard but you will get what you are looking for.”

Ah, I thought, a fortune-teller. I glanced up at the lights; they were still red, and the rain was still coming down.

“Do you want to know why I think this? Let me tell you.” He slipped a red wallet made from leather out of his jacket and pulled out a few small bits of paper and a pen. He scribbed a few words on a scrap of paper, then crumpled it up into a little ball and gave it to me. “Don’t open it yet,” he said.

I took the paper and stuck it in my pocket.

“Okay, now pick a number from 1 to 9.”

Before I went to university, I thought I was interested in genetics and molecular biology. After precisely one lecture, I realised exactly how wrong I was and became determined to switch to something more stimulating, and I eventually found myself taking experimental psychology and neuroscience lectures. Many of them were highly reductionist or focusing on development or pathology, but some were at the cognitive level, and from them and from various textbooks I knew all about how humans reason and how poor we are at understanding logic and probability and causation.

They didn’t teach us specifically about magic, but it was clear that our limited capacity for attention and our ease of being misdirected was really the key to successful magicians. I once saw David Blaine perform a bit of magic at a TED conference. I was standing about one metre away from him when he did a fairly standard card trick on a guy he was close enough to touch, and then at the end gave the guy his watch back. We were all duly impressed; we had all been watching his hands intently, wanting to be the one person who was smart enough to see the trick, to figure out the ending. But he was too good.

“3,” I said, shrugging. He noted it down on a new piece of paper.

“Your favourite colour?”

The lights had turned green. This was the perfect opportunity to escape, but I wanted to see where this was going.

“Blue.” Why not?

“Your age?”

“Uh… 28.”

“How many brothers and sisters?”


“Brother or sister?”

“Brother.” He wrote down ‘B – 1’ at the bottom of his list.

“Okay.” He looked up. “And what do you want most? Good health, good life, good fortune, good love, good family?”

I laughed. What an absurd question. “All of them,” I said.

For the first time, he laughed as well. “You have to pick one.”

“Okay then… good family.” He wrote down ‘G – F’.

He asked me for his bit of paper he’d given me at the start. I pulled it out of my pocket and handed it over, and he waved it in front of his face at precise points, and gave it back to me. “Don’t open it,” he said again. Then he began talking about how the numbers all added up and how if you combined this and that, I would figure out my fortune.

I was starting to finally get worried. I figured that he’d be asking for money shortly, and things had gone on for long enough that it was already going to be embarrassing when I left. With the lights back to green again, I backed away and said that I had to go now.

“No no no no no, we haven’t finished yet!”

“Sorry,” I said lamely.

“But you haven’t opened the paper!” he protested.

“Sorry,” I repeated behind me.

Befitting my status as a former scientist and being an avid reader of all the science blogs and such, I’m intensely suspicious of superstition. I have no problem with black cats. I deliberately walk underneath ladders. I’m sure I’ve broken at least two mirrors. But walking away from this guy, I couldn’t help but think I’d somehow cursed myself by not letting him finish his shtick; it was surely a rude thing to do, no matter how (eventually) annoying he had become.

Of course, I opened the paper. Written on it was:

0 – 28
B -1
G -F

For about three seconds, I froze.

Firstly, I thought: Wow, could it be true? Did this guy actually figure this out? Have I been completely wrong about all of this my entire life?

Secondly: Obviously not. But what are the chances of him guessing? Still pretty high – certainly not high enough to get a decent hit rate.

Thirdly: Wait a second… he must have done a classic switcheroo while I wasn’t looking! This must be the same bit of paper he’d been writing my answers on, and when he was waving it around, he’d swapped them over.

Aha. I felt proud of myself at this piece of Sherlockian deduction, then slightly sad. It was a tremendously engrossing piece of street magic; certainly not that technically impressive, but no doubt more than good enough to fool the average passerby. I wondered how much money he made by doing this. I wondered what he would have told me next.

And I wondered whether this was his life, giving other people a glimpse ahead into their lives. Giving them a certainty, proven with written evidence and without any caveats or probabilities or qualifications, that things were going to get better. I looked down at the piece of paper again, thought about whether to throw it away or not, and kept on walking.

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  1. Singapore- Bugis – mid oct 2013

    I was working in the shop and saw this yogi walked past and he walked back in again the shop. Telling me that from what he see from my forehead I’m damn troubled. Showing me namecard telling me things which is like (3 good things will happen on the 26 oct) which didn’t happen at all, even before I could react (cause I was sill busying with my stuffs) he write down a name on a piece of paper and crumpled it and handed to me. No, not flowers. But names. He asked me to write down the guy that I like. For once, I said, “i don’t think there’s anybody” he said “you sure ? Think about it again” then I thought for awhile and write down on a piece of paper which we both could see, and when I opened the crumpled paper, it’s the same name. P/s: that name that I wrote is difficult to spell yet he get it right. HOW COME? I was damn schocked. I just can’t react to everything yet.

    And then he told me I had a bad friend who’s jealous of me bla bla. Same thing. Names again. Correct. And when I double checked the crumpled paper he handed to me, I didn’t had the cursive “L” handwrtting but he did. Total I paid him $105

    Am I really being scammed? :/

  2. This yogi tricked me big time, it happened to me 1-2 mths back while I was working at my shop alone, he did all e same numbers paper roll thingy, all correct, and he actually tricked me to believe I was cursed by someone when he knew my luck was very down some yrs back. I paid 700 SGD n he even asked me to buy something for him so he could remember me. I fell for it . 😦 anyways, yea there’s really a lot of things he could read from me so I half believed him n treat it as paying for e skills n erm…. Really hope that the so call curse was remove from me as he could really heat up my palm n get some ash to appear from my palm! I was totally speechless.. I dunno what to say.. He also told me his name is yogi n he would come look for me should the guy who owe me money were to pay me back..

  3. One of these guys is still around in Hong Kong; he tried his scam on me near Admiralty station. He says he is from Singapore but his accent struck me as Bangladeshi. As if to legitimatize himself, he showed me a picture of him standing in between two Buddhist monks. He was wearing the same dark suit in the picture that he was wearing when he accosted me. What a wanker. I gave him 2 HKD for effort — basically 25 cents USD — and when he kept asking for money I just said goodbye and walked away. I long ago gave up on the idea that ANYONE has any clue about the universe: religious experts, fortune tellers, authority figures, etc. When he said, “You will have a lot of money soon,” I said, “I don’t want money!”

  4. Date: 30th ovember 2013
    Place: Winterthur, Switzerland

    His name: Rahul
    Paper tricks: yes
    Money alternatives: 150, 200, 350 swiss franc(~USD). I think he wanted money so that he (and some people in India) could pray for me.
    Gave me a luck stone.
    Told things about my future and past.
    Said: “Money come and money go, but you don’t meet yogi people every day.”
    Also said: “You have to cut your hair and nails every saturday to get good Karma”.

    I didn’t pay.

  5. Oh yeah, Just happened to me. My colour was blue, with 3 sisters. I think blue and 3 is a recurring theme. Strange.
    But I do think they have ear pieces under that turban and an accomplice nearby looking up your personal records, emails, health records, Facebook data etc.
    if you wanted to take advantage of this and wanted to find something out about someone, you could give someone else’s name and you would find out all sorts of things.
    I believe also they are using Bluetooth to find out your ID. Mine was switched off so he asked me for my name and age. I also noticed his left sleeve looked bulky…. Why?
    Can some tech geek fill me in?
    All in all I must say it wasn’t a bad experience but I don’t appreciate random strangers knowing my personal information. What else are they capable of?

  6. I had the same experience a little over 10 yrs ago, Indian man with strong Indian accent approached me on the bus saying I had a good heart, I will be very rich one day but ooooh I will struggle first and he kept putting his hand on his head saying ooooh you will struggle then you will be rich. He also said there are 2 females that are jealous of me and to stay away from men because they will always break my heart and I will never mary. I was disapointed and now 10 plus years on ibam still struggling really badly in life and my relationships only seem to last an average of 2 weeks men use me ever since he said this to me. Although he didn’t ask me for any money or do the flower thing, I really do believe he has put some sort of curse on men to make men stay away and or treat me badly because my relationships were normal before I met him, I feel so angry and it is unfair what he has done to me, I didn’t know him or fo anything to make him place a curse on me like this. 😦

  7. You are right, it is a scam and also the gifts are real.

    It happened to me too over a long time period, starting in the same way as you have described. I got close to the Yogi Baba in London to find out how he does this. They do have some spiritual abilities to read your paper etc.They practice a form of yoga that results in clairvoyance, for want of a better word. This is the simplest way to explain what happened and you can choose to accept or not according to your belief. They just happen to use this gift for money as this is how they make a living.

    I paid over a lot of money at the time and even though the readings are real, the source of the power is not from good/light. When I discovered this I cut all ties. I would strongly advise you to avoid them if they enter your path.

  8. hows this a trick? We know the routine, stop telling us your story’s. if the paper in your hand then you unravel it after they give you the information, wheres the switch??? ask your self this. can anybody explain how they do it ? it happen to me years ago he even told how much money i had in my pockets, explain that!!! Once again EXPLAIN how its a scam !!

  9. Well i am not sure about the paper switch.
    I tried this out in Bangkok – was happy to pay the 500 baht ($15) for the Guru happy face patter & reading.
    Taller “Sikh” but western style dress.
    Very accurate guesses to get interest.
    Then he prefilled out some answers on a small
    slip and in my hand crumpled up.
    THEN he asked questions re number 1-10, flower, wife’s name, age and kids & so on.
    Now I had licked my palm before he asked or could know these answers from me.
    The piece of paper with his previously filled out
    answers was damp in my hand.
    I then opened up that damp ball of paper.
    So it was not switched / the piece of paper he wrote on in his notebook was also there and dry and much larger. I quickly compared the writing and it was the same style but not identical in size or exact shapes. So not a duplicate copy or a paper switch like a basic magicians trick.
    So like others – I am interested in how this is done. It’s not a duplicate copy then switched as others have said as it was absolutely the original paper ball – prior to me answering 7 quite specific questions that would be very difficult to guess.
    And it was not a pressed copy – I checked that as well.
    And not hypnosis and not being bustled or subconsciously handing over the paper / i know those techniques and it was the same original piece of paper filled out by the ‘guru’ before he asked for the answers. 3 of the answers would have required detailed knowledge of unusual English spelling to get correct.
    So it’s a good technique but is not copying or switching or shaping the questions to prewritten answers.
    =>Given it’s a global sales force practicing this out there – there must be some better quality information on how this is done.

  10. I had this happen today, in Hong Kong. I was at the exhibition centre and met the ‘yogi’ who was smartly dressed. He did the paper trick, looked me over and scribbled down a few things, then tightly wadded it up and told me hold it. He then asked me 5 questions. A number 1-5, my favourite flower, My favourite 3 countries, how many brothers and how many sisters. When I opened up the crumbled paper I tore it accidentally. Of course, all the answers matched (albeit the favourite country, it was not addressed). If he did switch the paper, he switched it back, because I still the paper with the tear in it. I’m not convinced it was legitimate, but it definitely made me wonder. I didn’t give him any money.

  11. This happened to me today near the mid levels escalator on Lyndhurst Terrace. An Indian gentleman, very well dressed in smart blue suede loafers asked me the same questions about numbers, flowers, etc. I had no money to give him except 2 HDK but said I’d meet him later when I had more cash. I’m debating whether to go back and meet him at the agreed time.

  12. It happened to me in Zurich July 2013 and today (Jan 2014). On the first occasion I talked to the guy for a couple of minutes then walked away, I gave no money. The second time (today) I just kept walking when the guy started on about luck etc.
    The approach is unusual and made me uneasy because at first you’re not quite sure what’s going on. My advice would be to ignore them and give money to established charities.

  13. Got this happened to me today in Singapore. The word is blue and 3 on the paper. I was wearing a blue shirt and I guess the number 3 is a backup in case I do not answer blue. Got a lucky stone as well but paid nothing as I do not have much on me.

    Pretty good trick to make the person answer what the “Yogi” wants that he written on the paper.

    Pretty sure he is not legitimate.

  14. It happened to me yesterday in Singapore at Ruffles Place.
    He is an Indian, speaks softly and well neatly dressed.

    I was astonished when he found my mom’s name, which is very complicated. I had a coffee and chat with him and he charged me SGD 500 for the consultation. I know you call me silly, but I paid. I was just so tired recently…

    Then he asked me to buy a mobile phone, dinner, lunch etc to get rid of the black magic someone curse on me.

    Please just be careful.
    He said that he will be in Singapore, another 10 days.

  15. Basel, Switzerland, January 27th 2014

    I just had the same encounter with a Yogi from India as described above. He did the paper ‘trick’ (flower, colour, number -> cactus, yellow, 7) but I kept the small paper (size of a stamp) in my fist while he was writing the answers down on a much lager peace of paper during the conversation. He also got names/ages of friends & parents as well as other information right. Puzzling!

    Further to the comment of ‘Observed’ dating Jan. 3rd 2014, ‘Given it’s a global sales force practicing this out there – there must be some better quality information on how this is done ‘, I wonder, what it could be?
    – clever ‘yogi scam’ (with contact opiate on the paper? – as suggested further above);
    – high tech scam (using social & digital network traces/information; the friends part makes me suspicious);
    – some people have access to dimensions hidden to ‘the man on the Clapham bus’; but if that were true, why can they not use their power to fight things such as rabies, hepatitis etc. in their home country? What remains is an explanatory gap…

  16. I have faced same exp. just now Ex-The Saint asked me God name,Age,Flower name & numeric no.

    He matched the same answer to sell “jackal horn” but same time i searched this trick on my laptop & luckily find this website………….& not given him single penny..

    Thanks for the awareness ………..

  17. Happened to me in Bangkok, Siam Paragon shopping mall. Approached by indian man with a scar on his forehead (or eyebrow??) in Jan 2014.

    – you have a very lucky face
    -write favourite color on paper
    -telling you bad habits and pleasant stuff

    Already knew he’s a con man but “donated” 20 baht for his efforts hahaha. He wanted me to put more but i said no. His expression changed almost immediately.


  18. Just happened to me in singapore, on orchard road in right across the visitor center.
    classic indian yogi look -turban, beard-, casual shirt, really not smart looking at all.

    approach me while im sitting down having a smoke and told me all about the “lucky face” shtick along with
    3 good fortunes in the following month, told me to not cut my hair, nails, and not to eat meat every saturday which happens to be the day i met him.
    also “tendency to be lazy” and ‘You help your friends but your friends haven’t helped you”.
    he pulled out a pen from his pocket wanted to wrote something down but (fortunately?) neither me or him have any paper.
    in the end, after a few more “fortune telling”he just said “it was nice meeting you” and left. no asking for money or anything. so i guess maybe i really do have a lucky face :D.

  19. This happened today in Central, Hong Kong at 1330.

    The ‘Yogi’ told me that I have beautiful eyes and that I’m going to be lucky for the next three months. The paper trick was involved and I answered White 7.

    So I gave him all my money I had in my wallet because it was for his travel expenses and for the blind people in India. Honestly I didn’t want to give all my money but then he told me that ‘money comes and goes but you only see a yogi once in a while’ which convinced me to give all my money.

    So how much did I give? 80 hk dollars + 100 baht + 100 nt dollars + 10 patacas + 20 pesos = 142 hk dollars (18.30 us dollars)

    This was my first time to actually get scammed by a person who supposed to be a ‘professional yogi’ which I am very interested in their religious beliefs Hinduism and Buddhism which practice meditation and positive thinking that I actually look up and appreciate their practices.

    As I used to be a Catholic to Born-Again Christian and now exploring different beliefs, I have the tendency to respect all religions. However, at that moment when I got scammed by a ‘Yogi’, I did not really mind giving the money to him but I was concerned with his intention.

    What do you guys think?

  20. I just scammed like that here in HK – very clever, and I couldn’t quite pin when the switch happened, but he got me!

  21. I also met this man in NYC..5 years later I still have the ball of paper he gave me . To this day I’m trying to figure out how he did it ! He knew so much personal stuff about me eg. Name of my ex name of current bf, year of separation, and reason. year my daughter was Born..and he also told me to watch my health and what I should do.. Hum the only way he could have known so much about me if he was a fraud would be that he hipnatized me.. Ohhh and I didn’t give him any money although he did ask 😉

  22. hahahaha js happened to me in the Hong Kong Park. Said my forehead shows my luck. i have a kind face…etc. he scribbles sth on paper then asks me what’s my fav number, fav flower, age aspect of life i’d like to improve, and then i answer him and he lets me open the paper and its exactly what i answered… haha i laughed a bit and gave him hkd10 for amusing me… he said I’ll meet someone in one month’s time. we’ll see bout that.

  23. Yogi was in San diego , CA and made his strike, was good and quick , took his picture and the photos erased off my phone! Still in disbelief !

  24. Met him yesterday in Dana Point, CA. Not even going to say how much I gave him but whatever…hopefully he uses the money for good purposes. Seemed like a nice guy and gave me some gifts. Hit some facts dead on. Others could have been easily guessed based on circumstance and common sense. I started a new business 2 years ago and he says “last two years have been hard right?” Well…yeah. No kidding. Can’t think of any business owner who didn’t have a tough time the first 2 years. Anyway…no ill will toward the guy. He goes by Papinder Singh.

  25. I pride myself with being someone that’s smart and I can honestly say that something like this has never happened to me until I fell for this exact scam a few weeks ago. I was walking towards my car in Alpharetta, GA USA. I guess I must have had sucker printed on my face because out of no where two Indian guys with turbans on their head came walking towards me. One of them started shouting out that I had a lucky face and I was very luckily and God had sent him to me. I smiled and said thank you and kept on walking to my car but the one Indian guy who had shouted out quickly approached me took through the exact same steps you’ve described. I actually foolishly went to the bank machine across the street and withdrew $300. He said if I paid the higher tier of the three, I believe it was $100, $175, $300, that he’d be able to clear away the bad energy from my life. I told him that I’d had been unemployed for a long time and couldn’t afford to give him any money but he insisted if I give him the money my life would change for the better. He took my number and next day he called me asking me to meet he was trying to get more money from me. By then I realize I’d been scammed and I told him I really needed the money back but he quickly got off the phone and I never heard from him again. I can belie that people can be so evil.

  26. I heard those words a few minutes ago at the Pacific Mall in Hong Kong. I spotted this casually dressed Indian in my peripheral vision who at first seemed lost. man (He was dressed in blue Jeans and blue & White striped long sleeve shirt with the cuffs rolled up. He seemed to have disappeared and I went on about my business. About 3 minutes later, I heard a fast taking Indian accent from behind me “excuse me Sir, you have a lucky face”. I turned around and there he was. Without missing a beat he continued…”and by next month June three very good things will happen to you”. I said OK, thank you. He kept on taking, “there’s someone that is trying to undermine you…they smile at you but they try to hurt you. Do you know who that is?” I said no, I have no idea. He responded, “I know who that person is and I can give you his name, if you 5-10 minutes. I am an Astrologist and can read your palms and let you know exactly what’s going on in your life.” I politely declined and moved on.

  27. May 5 2006
    Met this well dressed Indian man in the walkway in Amersfoort The Netherlands.
    He said, You are very very lucky. I see it in your face. You are sooo lucky. I was shocked and said, thank you, and kept walking. I was afraid to look back but the moment I got inside my building I looked back out to find him b/c I thought maybe he’s saying this to everyone but it was just me. He went back to waiting for his bus. He was just a normal looking guy. Not scary or homeless or dirty. I thought, well he couldn’t have wanted to mug me b/c I didn’t have anything on me… no purse or anything. So strange.

  28. This happened to me today in Milton Keynes. A man said ‘you have lucky face’. Then he levitated 16 feet in the air, his head fell off and bounced on the floor and his body turned into a dragon. Then there was this massive flash and I woke up in the year 2014 (it had only been 1976 when I set off this morning). It’s really freaked me out.

  29. It looks like Mr. Singh is visiting Toronto this summer. Blah, blah, blah lucky face, blah, blah blah, the last three years.

    I cut him off before we got to the pen and paper part.

  30. Greets from Zurich
    I do not have much time to spend on this now – but the trick described here is based on one well developed art, which is
    The scammers – but honestly I prefer to call them entertainers, for they may be pushy but no more – and many have enjoyed the experience are gradually pulled into the conversation where “yogi” actually ASKS his three or five questions. He then changes the subject, delves int our predicamets in life and then glancingly, or on purpose asks us to let him look at us, at our face or into our eyes. THIS is the moment (they are able to use the tone of voice as well) when he erases our very recent memory and make it all look as if he had written the answers out of the blue, while it was us who had given them t him minutes earlier.
    They are carefull and well manered and this is ok – with such skills it would be easy for them to ask for the bank card PIN and then get hold of the card, yet I have never heard of such thin, while I heard dosend stories of the “yogis”

  31. These guys are around Mayfair these days. I met one a few days ago, telling me I had a lucky face. I didn’t trust him from the start, as, well, it’s London…. random people don’t really start conversations unless they are looking for money. He started to say a few things about me being lucky, but I had a frown and that he saw luck in my future. I stopped him and said I don’t believe in luck… I believe in Karma…. he didn’t understand the word Karma, so I said it’s a Sanskrit word, and I showed him some sanskrit tatoos I have on my wrist – which say “love” ” patience” and “truth”…. he wasn’t able to read them… and then asked me what my name was. I told him and then he took out his wallet with lots of peices of paper in it…. I knew something was up, as no one carries around lots of peices of paper like that….. so I said I had to go to work, and walked away. I just saw another one of them today, similarly an indian looking guy…so decided to Google it…. interesting to hear that it’s a bit of a trick/scam.

  32. Same story, different place. I got conned today in at wall stree, New York City…. Luckily I don’t give him money instead offered juice from a food truck.

  33. i also met such a yogi in switzerland. they’ll ask you to blow the paperball whereon something is written – i guess there is some suspicious powder on the paper and by blowing it you’ll inhale it in the same time. from that moment on you’ll feel something warm and somehow connected to the yogi by the way he is talking to you – just for a short moment. really crazy cheats! check “scopolamine” on youtube.

  34. Amazing to find such an extensive blog in particular relating to the Indian guy that operates around the West End in London. I have just had an encounter with this guy and whilst I enjoyed hearing what he had to say (some of which I couldn’t understand due to his accent) I knew it would end in a plea for money. Who carries around a wallet with about 100 pieces of square paper? I was surprised that he wrote down ‘GH’ for good home as one of my answers as it wasn’t on the multiple choice list. In the end he showed me two pieces of paper with identical answers on them. I have no idea how he did the trick but I am looking forward to the three pieces of good luck he said is coming my way. Whilst this is a scam and I didn’t give him any money (despite his kind offer to escort me to the cash machine) I wouldn’t have felt cheated by giving him a few quid for entertainment value alone. That said, I do hope I never see him again!

  35. This just happened to me in Manhattan, NYC, and when I told my bf what happened – that this Indian man just guessed my favorite color, number and age – he was not impressed so we googled it.

    I was on my phone waiting outside of a bakery in east village waiting for the bf when a hefty tall and well dressed (pink linen shirt) and polite Indian man approached me and told me I have a lucky face. Said he was writing a book in astrology, blah blah blah. Told me I had to 2 faults, too frank with my friends and too willing to help – whatever- all that stuff is generic bs but I was bored enough so I kept listening to him.

    He said I was unlucky in love but changed his story by the time my bf showed up and said we were good for each other. I didn’t care too much for the fortune part of it but will still be amazed by the number, color and age! I held the paper tight the whole time, there is no way he swapped it!

    Anyway he asked for money for the charity that he comes from, I asked him for his card and proof, he flashed some type of card for me and now I wish in took a picture of it. Instead he gave me a website of his charity:

    I gave him a $5 USD for his charity, but he mentioned that surely I could give more. Personally I often donate money to charities and I gave him the benefit of doubt that he was telling the truth so gave him a $20 instead. My bf says I got dupped but I guess at least for that brief 10 minutes of interaction with the yogi, I felt lucky and amused so lesson learned and hope he ends up giving my money to his charity!!

  36. The same thing happened to me today in holbon
    Indian guy in a turban approached me, however he said i had good energy.
    I stopped and said thank you to be polite. (Something about him made me stop) He said he was from LA and wanted to tell me some things. I was interested. He started telling me things which were true, how could he know.
    He did the paper thing, gave me a scrunched up piece of paper then asked me my age, animal and colour from the rainbow and started writing it down. He then told me to blow into the paper in my hand.
    After again he then told me more things about me then said
    once i open this paper if what you told me is on it you will have good fortune in September and then i can donate to him. He showed me pics of children and the oldest guru in india.
    He also said that he lives in a jungle when i told him i have no money hich i thought was weird because he approached me saying he was from LA. so i started thinking something was wrong.
    He did the money thing and ask me if i could donate, 100, 50 or 20. I said again i have no money and he said what about tomorrow. I told him i wont have for some time,(cant even pay my own bill) he again said that its not about the money and one day if we meet again i can give him a donation

  37. Welbeck St so not far from Mayfair a slim Indian man dressed in a suite, shirt, tie and turban. Stopped me and told me I was a kind man and helped people. I was taken aback, not by his insight but I was wearing a clerical shirt! Yes I’m a minister. I sort of admired his cheek! He quickly told me about my personal life. He
    then went on to talk about my marriage . “Am I right he asked” I teplied “not at all. I’ve never been married” and with that I smiled and told him I had an appointment to get to. Wearing a clerical collar in Central London is, regretfully a magnet for those seeking cash and often I do she’ll out a little But it’s the first time I’ve ever had someone wanting to tell my fortune. You gotta hand it to the guy – he had some nerve.

  38. Saw this indian guy in a turban near savile row. Walked past me and said the usual ‘you face a lucky face’. This is not the first time that I’ve been approached, and I’ve been a regular viewer of this website, so I knew what was coming. He pulled me aside and wanted to read my palm. I said I didn’t have time for this, and then he searched his bag and started to take a pen out, but at that point, I said I knew what he was gonna do with the paper thing. He said he would give me a reading for £20′ but I said I didn’t have any money and walked away. I then watched him approached several other people on the same road. I also saw another indian guy doing the same thing on the opposite side of the road, so there must be loads of them operating in the Mayfair area.

  39. Got stopped on Davies St Mayfair by an indian man a few months saying ‘you have a lucky face’, then he started saying something about my forehead and how lucky I am but I don’t know how to use my luck but told him I didn’t have time to chat and walked off.

    I was in Vienna over the weekend and got approached again by another turban wearer using the same lucky face line. This time I laughed and said I know, I’ve been told before. I wanted to see what he had to say for himself. He asked where I was from, said a few good things will happen next month then tried to give me a palm reading. At this point I refused cause I knew he’d be expecting money afterwards .

    Said to myself surely I can’t be the only one, must look this up on google & Voila.

  40. Yogi fortune teller in Chang Mai, Thailand just sat down at my table in a cafe. Said I had a kind face and he read my palm – long life, strong heart. Said I listen to people and people do not listen to me. I was a kind lady but had a mans heart! (yes)
    Then he wrote on a small square of paper, crumpled it up and had me hold it in my closed hand. Asked me to write down a number between 1 and 5, I wrote 3 on large pad of paper and when I opened his paper the number 3 was written…he then correctly wrote my mothers name on a small piece of paper…..Said she had had a sickness one year ago (yes) and that he would pray for her if I gave him 500Baht.
    It was a positive experience for me. Funny to happen just after I’d read of Buddhist monks teaching the people to not believe in magic, superstitions. Overall it was positive experience.

  41. Very interesting. I met a well dressed Sikh man in North Finchley near the tube station 3 days ago. I am a nurse on duty so had no money. He told me I had a lucky face and would have a lucky month. He said my boss did not appreciate me at all and the people I work with are very nice to my face but say nasty thing about me when I’m not there and I would find out about this soon. He said people are jealous of me which I said was not true but he disagreed. He said I was a very, very honest woman which people would say is my most negative feature as I have to say what I see which I have to say this is dead true. He said it is what people are jealous of as they wish they could stand up for truth like I do but also it is still my worst feature. He said I had a terrible year with love but this was over now. He then said I look very healthy on the inside but I’m actually very unwell underneath. “you are not very well at all” and it is all down my left side of my body. From my head to my neck, all down my back from upper to lower. All of this is true. I have a serious eye condition in my left eye and my back on the left is quite bad from two car crashes. He didn’t ask for money but did ask if we could meet as he could see so much more but I declined saying I didn’t want to become needy or weak and he accepted this well. Two days later a very good friend of mine called me to say she was in the office next to mine and she heard a colleague nurse tell my boss terrible lies about me re a conversation she had been privy too the week before. she listened for quite some time hearing all they had to say then stormed in exposing one of them as a liar and really had a go at them then phoning me to tell me. I was gob smacked to say the least! I couldn’t believe he had been so right so soon. Incredible. He did have talent for sure. Whish I had taken his number now as he offered.

  42. This same story happens to me on the 6 August 2014.I was coming from a shopping and it was in Antwerp Belgium.I was walking and an Indian man was passing by and said to me lucky girl.At first I didn’t react and I just continued walk away but later after like 3steps of walks I turned and ask him how he knows I am a lucky girl.He replied from your face.I just told him thank you and I continued my way.

  43. Just met the lucky face guy in Geneva, Switzerland. On the bus 5 going towards the Airport. It was an interesting experience. But when he got my guesses wrong he asked me to put the white paper ball back on a flat surface and then switched it with a new one when he thought I was not looking. He attempted to pocket the other white paper ball. During the conversation beforehand where he made some good guesses about me I felt a little money wasn’t such a bad thing to ask. But when I saw that attempted sleight of hand I just decided ‘enough is enough’. Gave him 5 Francs and kept walking.

  44. I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I studied my bachelor degree and master degree in New York, USA. After completing my education, I moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2001 and joined Oil and Gas company. I was working in Central Office, doing Project Management. I was extremely feeling lucky to have that opportunity and because everyone was seeing me as asset and teaching me a lot. I was working happily and also enjoying my life in Malaysia. One day everything changed. When I was in office which is located close to Petronas Towers, KLCC located at beach club, I decided to go downstairs for smoke. I was facing mainstreet and smoking at the same time. A nice dressed looking indian man was walking from KLCC. When I see him, he smiled at me during his walk. I was like do I know him? Why he is looking at me like he knows me and why he is smiling at me like that. He kept walking than he changed his way and started to walk towards me. When he came he shook my hand and said I got lucky face since I got three main lines on my forehead. I didn’t beleive in the beginning. Than he offered me to walk with him. Maybe I did and would for the 1st time in my life but I did. We went to cafe nearby and sat down. He told me if I don’t believe him. After he asked me to open my right hand and he put a paper there. Than he asked me to open my left hand and he left a yellow tiny stone. Than he started to ask questions like what is my my age, what is my fav country, lucky number, when did I come to Malaysia, and final he asked Love. I answered all of them but told my gf’s first letter is B. After that he asked me to open my hand and take out the paper. When I looked down, I was shocked. It was all same! I was looking at him like wtf! He told me to open my left hand this time. He took the yellow stone from me. After he took the stone there was a mark left behind. He smiled to me and said just like he guessed. I didn’t understand it at all. He told me that I will set up a company which I was actually only concentrating at and he told me I will be very successful in future. But he said, money is not everything. Than he told me I would face difficulties in following February than october until end of year. He explained that he is actually helping children all around the world and showed me some pictures. He said his name is Yogi and he is a holly man. I said I left office by not taking my wallet. He told me no problem at all. I could give next time. Than he said I should keep the stone for good luck. But he said if stone would pass to different person or if I would mention to anyone, my all luck would also pass to him. I was totally freeze. I went back to home. I was only thinking about it and looking at the stone. I put it in my wallet to not loose it. So I was carrying it to work and home back. Next day, I saw different strange indian man in subway. There were maybe thousand people in subway but he was keep looking at me. It was totally weird. Subway stopped in next station and even he was walking down stairs, he was still staring at me. There was nonstop question mark in my head. What if he would curse me with that stone. Than I was saying what if its true. By the way, I’m a liberal modern Muslim. I thought about it again than I said I only believe God and if anything comes, I would rather choose it would come from God so I went into bathroom, throw into the toilet than I flushed it. Honestly, even now I don’t know that is it whether true or not. But what I can say is everything turned opposite way down in my life. I faced difficulties like he told me like I didn’t all my life that february and following october. I thought it would finish but those difficulties not only made me depressed but also changed my character little bit. After 16 months I had to sign out from company as of having so much problems with my upcoming manager and fights. I have started to work in different country and industry. What can I say is after I saw him, I haven’t felt the same I was before. I haven’t felt as smart, happy, hopeful or positive anymore. Although I tried to changed things unlucky kept coming. Maybe I exaggerated things are not as bad as I see, but it is what I feel. I’m just hoping I will find myself same and climb stairs as same as before. I would be please if anyone knowledgeable about this can describe me is it whether true or lie or what shall I do?

  45. vienna, austria.
    indian guy approached me and told me that i have good karma. told me that i had 2 bad years but now enjoy good success (which is tendencially somewhat true, depending on how one defines bad and success). showed my some photograph depicting him performing some nude medications. asked for my job and whether i have family. asked me to show him my hand – which i flatly refused. thanked him, wished him a nice day and walked away quickly. as a devout christian i avoid fortune tellers and magicians. as a street smart business man i avoid accepting any unsolicited service offerings that come without an upfront price tag.

  46. Amazing how long this seems to have been going on!

    Met the same indian guy today at the bottom of South Molton Street (London), told me “i had a lucky face”. I stopped to say thank you and he started on what seemed like a pre prepared speech about my life. I couldn’t help but smile as i become sure he was going to ask for money or somehow swipe my wallet. He asked for my name at which point i said “thanks but i had to go”, he smiled and seemed happy enough and i went on my way. I rounded the corner onto SM st and i heard another voice from the other side of the road call out “Sir you have a lucky face!”. Now i was sure there was some scam going on and that there must be a group/gang of them so i raised my hand and shook my head whilst mentally checking i had my wallet watch and phone. All were there so no harm done, but i will not be stopping for them again.

  47. Same thing happened to me today – Mayfair, London, 23Aug2014. An Indian guy said 3 good things will happen to be next month. Same paper trick with his leather pocket.

    He did blow me away by getting both my parents’ name, my age, favourite colour and animal, my problems, number of siblings right. He told me that my lucky star would come end of next month and I would get everything afterward, health, work, money. I would be rich and have a happy marriage with 3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl…. At the end, he gave me a lucky stone. Comparing to all other people visiting psychic website, it’s an impressive experience.

    He mentioned that he needed money to travel and give food to the people. To be honest, I was in doubt about his charity things by noticing his iPhone and branded sunglasses but I was stupid enough to offer him £150. I should learn to be more careful with my money. But anyway, I’m glad to find this page.

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