Among the usual CDs and bills that I pick up in the mail whenever I return to Oxford was a strange package claiming that I’d bought the rights to one acre of land in the Loch Borralan Estate. Within the package was a certificate declaring me ‘Lord Hon of Loch Borralan’, a map of my vast new one-acre estate, various bits of information and photos from my estate.

Now, I confess that on occasion I buy some less-than-useful stuff off the internet and eBay, but I definitely don’t remember purchasing this particular thing. It didn’t seem to be a scam considering they weren’t asking for any money, and a cursory Google search revealed the offending product and it all started to click into place… I’m pretty sure that this is a late birthday present from one of my friends. It definitely succeeds on being totally unexpected.

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  1. Seems I got one, with regards from my daughter — as I act kike one why not be one (her thoughts). There is no telephone contact as such, only via the net for this company!!! I would suppose if one uses the title for non profit or deception I would deem it as a bit of fun and yes the best table in the restaurant.

  2. I’ve just bought one for my Uncle. We tried to get him on the new years honours list but didn’t succeed (after completing a 20 page form). So we thought it would be nice if he was Lord Venus of Borralan. I’m sure he will use it to the fullest

  3. bruce ward you may have land around the loch borralan ,,,,,,,but not the land owned by lord borralan, admit it…you just dont like people who have purchased a plot of the loch borralen estate having the right to visit that plot…..to you that may seem like intruding………thats why on your site you never say anything about the plot buyers , because its legal.

  4. I was given one of these plots as a gift when I worked in the UK and was returning to Canada.
    Were my frinds deceived ? Hope not.

  5. I have a plot of this estate also. I have always been dubious about it, thinking it some kind of scam or joke, there is supposed to be a web site but I haven’t come across one yet in the four years I haved owned my little piece of Scotland. How stupid we are at times and how clever ‘they’ are.

  6. I see now if you visit the Estate website, Bruce has put the land up for sale. I certainly hope he doesn’t sell off my plot as this in itself would be fraud seeing as i’m the legal owner! I did try to contact Bruce and Alba but it would appear their Email is no longer working.

  7. It would be a shame if i dont now own a pc of 1 ft2 of (land as my deeds state) on the Loch Borralan Estate, as i have just found them three years after receiving them as an Xmas gift from my friend Mark.
    Any new info would be appreciated on ownership.
    Many Thanks
    Lord Richard Wayne Crowe

  8. My husband Lord Paul Spencer Holmes also own a plot of land on the borralan Estate, a gift for his 40th birthday. We plan to go up and check this out all the title deeds etc… look legit and we know several other owners of land on the estate and as far as we are concerned we are prottecting a natural habitat from developement. I am deffo going to investigate further and use my legal friend to help me.

  9. I too have purchased 2 x 1ft2 plots, 1 for me, the econd for my wife. The Cetificate of Deeds shows an Estate Land Plot Reference Number and title commencement date of 25-05-2004. The sale was through Regency Titles.com and seemed legit up until I stumbled upon this site. The certificate, Sandra, does state that the sale is based on Scottish Laws if this is of some assistance to your legal chums. Please keep us all posted on any findings.

  10. bruce ward is one big con…….he puts up his web site, saying the land is his, just try and contact him….you carnt!!he owns a hotel near the lock but not the land sold to us in little plots…if you look back on here you will see i replied to his posting and he neverereturned no reply…he just doesnt want people walking close to his land that have bought plots like you and me……take no notice of him….and bruce …why dont you threaten anyone on here for owning lnd that you say is yours?……you carnt……you will find other sites where his friends are lords only…lol…..well bruce we are all waiting now for a reply of you.

  11. oh and one thing more bruce……you know who sold your land as you say…..did you prossicute and claim damages etc, have the police investigate what bruce is saying, think bruce wouldnt do anything about some one selling HIS land as he says…..well come on bruce …give us all the court details etc, the outcome , put it on here so we can check it out……carnt can you!

  12. given as a gift by daughter think that this is another scam shall ask daughter in law to investigate as she is in the legal profession if no joy there will consider a more public route i just hate the thought of being duped out of hard earned cash. have tried to find some info but looks like the proverbial SCOTCH MIST

  13. I too have a 1ft x 1ft plot of this land. Having read the deeds etc., it says that I am the Hon…. and can use the title Lord, when on my land.
    Anybody who can stand on a 1 foot square piece of land, deserves the title!

  14. You’re all idiots.


    Guys, you can’t buy the title of “Lord” so it’s completely immaterial if he “sold” you plots of land. In addition, even if you could buy a title, there’s no concept of multiple people holding the same title in English law, a fact that the genius “Lords” Watkins, Crowe and Phillips do not understand.

    When you got that little certificate from the FCO stating that your name was now “Lord” it was meaningless. What he did was change the deed poll to simulate as if he had “sold” you a title. I’ll make you all a deal here: for just 25GBP I’ll make you all Kings of England with land in Buckingham Palace!

  15. This is kinda funny! Unfortunately my grandmother passed away a few months ago and my dad came across this Regency Titles thing and gave it to me. He bought the small plot for her years ago, being that we are Scottish decendents, and thinking that it was cool. I was just looking to tranfer the title to my name and came accross all this fraud info. Websites do not exist for either the claimed fraudster or the “dupee.” The only thing I can find is info regarding the claimed fraud.

    Even so, if I would have been the one to purchase this I would have immediately had a “light bulb” pop into my head as this could be a scam. Still yet, makes for a good conversation peace and looks cool next to my family crest on the wall. Not likely that I will ever afford or desire to make it to this plot of land. Of course I hope it was legit, as if we don’t already distroy habitat.

  16. I too purchased as bit of land ten years ago?
    How can it be sold when everyone Owens a piece. Surely this is illegal or we should be given a refund
    I was told I could visit at any time

  17. I bought into this some time ago. I didn’t think it was anything else but a good laugh and so did my friends and family. Money well spent.

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