Adrian on Mars, part two

Are you going to be in or around Cambridge on the 29th April? If so, what better way to spend the evening than attending a delightful presentation by me on ‘The Human Mission to Mars’. I’ll be talking about why we should send humans to Mars, how we might do it and how much it’d cost, and why humans are better than robots. In the second half of the talk, I’ll be talking about my time at the Mars Society Desert Research Station last December in Utah and showing off my holiday snaps.

It’ll cost �1 for entry and is being held at the Winstanley Lecture Theatre (Blue Boar Court) in Trinity College at 8pm. Be there, or… don’t be there.

2 Replies to “Adrian on Mars, part two”

  1. Certainly will, although I envisage that they’ll be pretty rudimentary. I intend to keep it pretty spontaneous and ad lib most of it, especially the latter parts.

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