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Green Card

October 6th, 2002 · No Comments

In an instant message conversation today…
[insert moaning about low acceptance rates for international students in the US]
Alex: grr.. how does one become a US citizen?
Adrian: Easiest way: marry a US girl
Adrian: Just like Gerard Depardieu did
Alex: can I keep my european nationality?
Adrian: Course not
Alex: hmm .. not worth it.
Alex: damn americans
Adrian: Exactly
Alex: we should just [...]

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Braille drive-through

September 4th, 2002 · No Comments

Braille instructions on a drive-through ATM? Only in America (scroll down).

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August 6th, 2002 · 2 Comments

Something that bothers me about the malls in America is the fact that you can’t look around freely. These otherwise pleasant and interesting places have stalls set up in the centre of their ’streets’ which are invariably populated by mobile phone companies, and if you should even glance in their general direction, they’ll call out [...]

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American TV

July 25th, 2002 · 2 Comments

Yesterday, I read an article at the Guardian about Big Brother 3 in the UK, which among other things mentioned that Channel 4’s editing of the primetime programmes results in a drastically skewed view of the contestants. I thought, “Well, obviously.”
Then last night, while watching Big Brother 2 here in the US (I see it [...]

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July 1st, 2002 · Comments Off

There’s an interesting thing about food in America. I was expecting food to be quite a bit cheaper here than in the UK. Instead, the prices are essentially the same, but you end up getting an incredible amount more, maybe double the portions in the UK. So this means you end up with the somewhat [...]

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World Cup

June 20th, 2002 · Comments Off

USA through, nation nonplussed – the BBC writes a perfect send-up of America’s indifference to the world cup and their style of sports writing.

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