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Neal Stephenson on Science Fiction

May 9th, 2008 · 9 Comments

I took the afternoon off today to attend a symposium on Science Fiction as a Literary Genre at Gresham College. However, the main reason I went was because Neal Stephenson (author of Cryptonomicon, Snow Crash, Quicksilver, etc) was the keynote speaker. Aside from being one of my favourite science fiction authors, Neal is also an [...]

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Mass Effect

January 27th, 2008 · No Comments

I was so impressed with the first two minutes of Mass Effect, the new sci-fi RPG for the Xbox 360, that I had to play through it twice and then show everyone at work. While it’s essentially nothing but an extended cutscene, it’s a beautiful, well-directed, well-paced and astonishingly atmospheric introduction to the game. If [...]

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Municipal Darwinism

November 27th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Unsentimental. That’s what the Mortal Engines Quartet is.
Children’s fiction – in particular, children’s fantasy – is so strong nowadays that it’s hardly necessary to say that a book is adventurous, imaginative or exhilarating. They’re all adventurous, they’re all imaginative, they’re all exhilarating. And they’re all plenty good enough for adults to read as well.
Amid this [...]

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The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate

August 19th, 2007 · No Comments

One of my favourite authors is Ted Chiang. I’m not entirely sure what Ted does with his time, since over the course of seventeen years, he’s written fewer than a dozen short stories, the sum of which would easily fit into a typical novel. Of course, this has nothing to do with the quality of [...]

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November 17th, 2006 · No Comments

‘Ministry’ is the name of the latest installment of G. W. Dahlquist’s The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters. These sixty page booklets have been arriving on my desk every Monday for the last five weeks, and there are still another five to go. It’s certainly a novel delivery system.
I can’t remember exactly how I [...]

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November 2nd, 2006 · 1 Comment

“[When] there are wireless chips in my clothes, when I get up in the morning it’s going to simplify my life enormously. There’s all this stuff I won’t have to consciously think about anymore. If I don’t know where my cowboy boots are, they will tell me.”
- Bruce Sterling
I quite like Bruce Sterling’s novels, Schismatrix [...]

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The Hugo Nominees

June 4th, 2006 · 1 Comment

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November 11th, 2004 · No Comments

Over the past few years I’d heard a lot about Ultraviolet, a Channel 4 science fiction miniseries about vampires. Since I wasn’t into Buffy at the time and was concerned that it’d be like all other UK science fiction efforts (i.e. nice idea, bad execution), I gave it a miss. Ultraviolet only ran for a [...]

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Cloud Atlas Sextet

October 21st, 2004 · No Comments

Can this be possible? Is Jeanine Salla alive and well again, living in the UK, commenting on whether Prince Harry should be protected from the media? (scroll down to the sixth comment).
I’m going through one of my periodic reading blitzes right now, sustained by a comfortable sofa and a constant drip feed of books from [...]

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Smoking Stephenson

October 20th, 2004 · 2 Comments

I came across two very interesting and very different links today. The first was about Liverpool Council’s decision to ban smoking in public places, punishable by a £1000 fine. Now, I grew up near Liverpool (I usually say that I come from Liverpool, because it scares people more) and apart from it’s admittedly decent nightlife, [...]

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