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Doctor Who on Earth

September 19th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Despite my dislike in the direction that Doctor Who is currently going (immature jokes, nonsensical plots), I found Russell T Davies’ remarks on why Doctor Who never seems to leave Earth very refreshing:
“People will say, ‘Why doesn’t he visit alien planets more often?’” he said. “But that’s because they are expensive. They’re hugely expensive.”
Davies also [...]

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Let’s switch

May 14th, 2006 · 6 Comments

I was watching X-Men with a friend this weekend when I suddenly realised that Doctor Who was on as well. I immediately took control of the remote and switched to BBC 1. This weekend’s episode was about the Cybermen, of course, and I was looking forward to this. After five minutes, my friend said “Why [...]

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Season 2 Doctor Who Theme

December 29th, 2005 · 4 Comments

Doctor Who Season 2 End Theme (mp3) – impressed by the new orchestral end theme of Doctor Who? Annoyed by the stupid BBC voiceover getting in the way? Your worries are over…

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The First Rule is…

June 16th, 2005 · No Comments

If you are at all interested in Doctor Who and would rather not know any plot details of the last episode, do not read any stories about Doctor Who on the internet from now on. You might think that you can rely on places like the BBC and the Guardian not to spoil the ending, [...]

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Why not, Who?

April 10th, 2005 · No Comments

I didn’t think I’d see the day when the BBC made good science fiction, but it has finally come with the new series of Dr. Who. I was never a big fan of the show when I was a kid; it seemed completely inferior to Star Trek and I can’t remember a single episode. In [...]

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Doctor Who

September 26th, 2003 · No Comments

Doctor Who will finally be back on TV in two years time. I was never a big fan of Doctor Who, but I do think that the BBC could do a good job in developing an SF show now, and it would be fun to see some British SF as well.
The reason why this announcement [...]

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Orbital Who?

February 5th, 2003 · No Comments

“I will camp outside the BBC with a placard, saying ‘Let us do it! At least, let us have a go!’” Orbital, talking about their Doctor Who remix and their deep, unabiding desire to do the music for any future BBC Doctor Who series.

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